The Process of Keeping A Homeschool Portfolio | The CleverlyChanging Podcast Episode 21

In Episode 21, millennial moms Elle and Miriam share their process for keeping a homeschool portfolio. What is a homeschool portfolio? In the state of Maryland, parents who homeschool are typically expected to keep a portfolio of their child/children’s work. The portfolio is a collection of work that a child completes each week while under the parents’ and tutors’ instruction.

The Process of Keeping A Homeschool Portfolio | The CleverlyChanging Podcast Episode 21

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Intro (01:02)

The African proverb for this week’s podcast goes as follows:

“What a good person is looking for is doing good deeds.” This is a Swahili Proverb

Word of the Episode (1:18)

Medase means thank you in the Ghanaian language, Twi.

Cleverly Cultured Kids (1:44)

Sometimes our kids just want to express themselves and we have to take the time out of our busy schedules to listen.

A List of Apps Mentioned

Educational Apps

  • Prodigy – Math games
  • Star Walk 2 – An interactive astronomy guide
  • Photo Math – Take a picture of your math problem and this app will show you the answer and steps to get the answer
  • Little Alchemy 2 – Science game full of exciting creations
  • YouTube Kids – Different subjects
  • Brain Pop – Different subjects with videos, games, worksheets and more
  • Kindle Books – Purchase and download books to read
  • Duo Lingo – Language learning for free
  • Sound Cloud – Listening app for music, podcasts and more
  • Spotify – Listening app for music, podcasts and more

Fun Apps

  • Minecraft Earth
  • Quizizz
  • Kahoot
  • 1010
  • Reddit
  • TicTok – Follow “@Enveme_Sis”
  • TEDed
  • Code Parade
  • Bazaart app
  • Egg Ink
  • Canva
  • Tomb of the Mask (has too many ads)

Grown Folks Convo (15:23)

In this episode co-hosts Elle and Miriam discuss how they feel about keeping a portfolio and meeting with the state to discuss their children’s work twice a year. Here is a link to the COMAR Guidelines.

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And here’s where you can find some of our resources, including a Homeschool Portfolio Template.

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