How to Get your Homeschooler Ready for College – Ep 18

Homeschooling isn’t new and there are parents who are achieving lots of success and fulfillment while teaching their children but what about getting ready for college? If I were to have a an official homeschool mom that I look up to, it would be Eva Wilson. Eva is a Caribbean Blogger and homeschool mom. She homeschooled her children for about 9 years. While homeschooling she achieved success personally and as an educator. What I’ve always admired most about Eva, as a homeschool mom, is that she seemed so knowledgable, confident, and carefree like she had reached homeschool “zen,” if there is such a thing.

In today’s discussion, Eva shares how she helped her eldest child go from a homeschool student to a college student. Thank you, Eva, for sharing your candid wisdom on how get a homeschooler ready for college with the CleverlyChanging Podcast audience.

African American homeschool moms talk about getting your child ready for college

Intro (00:18)

The African proverb for this week’s podcast goes as follows:

“If the rhythm of the beat changes the dance steps must adapt.” – African Proverb

Word of the Episode (1:21)

Maarifa means knowledge in Swahili

Cleverly Cultured Kids (1:34)

It’s never too early to start planting seeds about higher education. During our Cleverly Cultured Kids segment, we learn what our children want to do when they are older. Sure, now it’s just a thought, but thoughts are like seeds that need to be planted, nurtured, and watered so that they can grow and blossom.

We are answering your questions (12:26)

Questions from our listeners:

  1. Top tips for preparing successfully for college

About our Guest Eva Wilson Greene

Eva Greene Wilson is a wife, mother of 3, author, illustrator, graduate of Howard University School of Law, and the owner and editor of®.

Eva is known for creating fun videos for brands, having an engaged community, and being a trusted source for information on the Caribbean, blogging, parenting, and education. For the last six years, she has blogged about Caribbean American parenting, working on campaigns for companies such as Wal-Mart, AT&T, and Beaches Resorts.

She won Best Parenting Blog and Best New Blog in the Black Weblog Awards, and she is a 2016 SheKnows/BlogHer Voices of the Year Honoree and presenter in the Long Form Video category. She served as a judge for the awards in 2017.

twitter: @socamomdc


instagram: @socamom

youtube:, her daughter’s Youtube “Lemonerdy:” and her Youtube page with a friend:

Anancy’s Family Reunion by Eva Wilson purchase the book:

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