Transitioning to Homeschool

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Episode 6

Instruction in youth is like engraving in stone. – Moroccan Proverb

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tuko pamoja

Cleverly Cultured Kids (2:13)

Interviewed by her mother, Miriam, Aamira shares her thoughts about being homeschooled and how other people react to learning that she is homeschooled.

Episode 6 Transitioning to Homeschool
Episode 6 discusses how to begin homeschooling

Grown Up Talk (5:18)

Elle and Miriam discuss deschooling and how they navigate their homeschool journeys. They also answer a question from a listener on transitioning from traditional school to homeschooling.

Miriam gives her thoughts on deschooling and why it is necessary and why it may not be necessary.

Finding your groove and how to be patient with the process is a key part of making the transition from traditional school to homeschooling.

Elle offers a deschooling definition and explains how deschooling is what you make it. You get to define your life and your learning. And Miriam describes how deschooling is an ongoing process for her.

Having support when you’re a homeschooling family is very important. Elle and Miriam explore various mediums for finding support.

Strategies for handling the naysayers. How you can prepare your children for interactions with people who are not wholly supportive of your decision to homeschool.

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Remarkably, embarking on a self-defining journey showered with self-determination and motherly love this educational Cleverly Changing is a podcast that is hosted by Elle and Miriam, who are two African American homeschooling moms. Please listen in on conversations shared biweekly that will encourage you to be your authentic self, while uplifting your spirit, learning newly cultured information, and motivating your inherent potential. They’re defining what culture is for their families and want you to do the same. Bring your children along too, so they can meet the Cleverly Cultured Kids. They’re all for teaching the babies while they are young, adapting to the challenges of parenting, homeschooling, mompreneurship, and being willing to learn the lessons that the children have to offer. It’s all about uplifting one another and reclaiming your innate greatness. Tune in and share the podcast with your friends.

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