College Counselor Jewel Walwyn Talks Planning for the Future

College Counselor Jewel Walwyn Talks Planning for the Future

In today’s show, we are discussing college readiness with a college counselor who is a new homeschool mom. We find out more about the college admissions process and how to transition homeschoolers into thinking more about life and career goals. Please share this episode with all parents.

College Counselor Jewel Walwyn Talks College Planning for the Future | CleverlyChanging Podcast Episode 19

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The African proverb for this week’s podcast goes as follows (01:12):

“A person who desires to rise must stay awake.” – Swahili proverb

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Akwaaba means welcome. The word comes from the Akan language of Twi.

Cleverly Cultured Kids (1:57)

If higher education is important to you, it’s never too early to start planting seeds about college. In this episode, I ask my children questions about college and I share my personal college experience with them.

Preparing homeschool students for college | The CleverlyChanging Podcast Episode 19 with College Counselor Jewel Walwyn

Grown Folks Talk With College Counselor Jewel Walwyn (7:52)

Today’s guest is college counselor Jewel Walwyn. Jewel started counseling middle and high school students over 19 years ago. She is the founder of Walwyn Educational consulting. She knows students, colleges, and the world of college admissions. After graduating from the University of Virginia with a B.A. in English and a Master’s in Education, she began working as Assistant Director of Admissions at a private college in Virginia. Her years of experience lend to an array of presentations, offering expertise in the college process, testing, financial aid, and scholarships to a variety of audiences.

Thus, Jewel’s expertise is unparalleled in the DC, Maryland, and Virginia areas so enjoy our conversation and if you have questions about her services, follow her here:

Walwyn Educational Consulting offers the following college counseling services: 

  • College Admissions guidance
  • Summer Programs
  • College Tours
  • School Consulting

Connect with Walwyn Educational Consulting:

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