Are You Comfortable Homeschooling Ep 15

How to find comfort in homeschooling - podcast Episode 15

This is Elle’s sixth year of homeschooling and Miriam’s third year it has taken some time for them to become comfortable homeschooling. It can take a little time to find your groove within your homeschool and we are here to encourage you along your journey. Our goal is that you will remember that there is comfort after the fear subsides.

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He who learns, teaches. ~ Ethiopian Proverb

Word of the Episode (1:18)

Ukweli means truth in Swahili

Grown Folks Talk about how to be Comfortable Homeschooling (1:45)

Furthermore, Mariam and I discuss how we are feeling about our educational choices. Thus, we have a candid conversation about how we teach our kids within our comfort level, but also meet the state guidelines. This is a real discussion about how we found comfort homeschooling our children. After this conversation, we discuss a current news story.

Homeschool Guidelines of Commar

In addition, this link will tell you everything you need to know about homeschooling your child in the state of Maryland. The page will share with you all of the MD legal requirements. Visit podcast Episode 14 (the link is below) to learn which curriculum we are using this year.

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Also, please tell your friends about our podcast. While we love having a conversation with each other, the podcast will only be able to exist if more people are listening. If you know some who has children, our tips and tricks are beneficial to parents who homeschool and those who are interested in supplementing the education of their children.

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Lastly, if you want to hear more about homeschooling and how we have managed to make it work, please check out our past episodes.

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