Important Health Tips for Kids and Families

In Episode 9 we learn more about health and hygiene. Teaching kids these lessons, while they are healthy, are critical to helping them establish healthy habits as adults. Come along with us as we hear from the kids and discuss our own journey towards living a healthier lifestyle.

History (0:08)

African Proverb

The forest not only hides woman’s enemies, but it’s full of woman’s medicine, healing power, and food. – African Proverb

Word of the Episode! (2:13)


Cleverly Cultured Kids (2:53)

Listen in on our conversation with our children. We get a chance to hear what each of them thinks about health and the habits and lessons they’ve learned since they were babies. It’s fascinating to hear their take on principles that we all hold dear to our hearts.

Favorite quote from this segment:

According to Maya – “Banana peals can stop [the itching of a] mosquito bites.” Feel free to research this suggestion and let us know if it works.

Health - CleverlyChanging Podcast Episode 9

Grown Up Talk (10:05)

Elle and Miriam both are extremely passionate about health and wellness. In the conversation on health, you learn some of the health challenges they have faced and how they are trying to help their family cultivate nutrition, diet, and exercise on a day-to-day basis.

Resources on Health for Kids

  1. Personal Hygiene for kids
  2. 5 Ways I Am Trying to Raise Confident Daughters
  3. 7 Tips to Get Your Child to Eat Vegetables
  4. A Healthy Example: Our Introduction to the New Food Pyramid

Past Podcast Episodes and Show Notes

Health Book

Health Book (Health, Wellness, and Physical Fitness)
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Click here to buy the book on Amazon (affiliate link –
Click here to buy the book on Amazon (affiliate link –

The Educational Cleverly Changing Podcast Description

Remarkably, embarking on a self-defining journey showered with self-determination and motherly love this educational Cleverly Changing is a podcast that is hosted by Elle and Miriam, who are two African American homeschooling moms. Please listen in on conversations shared biweekly that will encourage you to be your authentic self, while uplifting your spirit, learning newly cultured information, and motivating your inherent potential. They’re defining what culture is for their families and want you to do the same. Bring your children along too, so they can meet the Cleverly Cultured Kids. They’re all for teaching the babies while they are young, adapting to the challenges of parenting, homeschooling, mompreneurship, and being willing to learn the lessons that the children have to offer. It’s all about uplifting one another and reclaiming your innate greatness. Tune in and share the podcast with your friends.

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