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Cleverly Changing Podcast Episode 2 - Education

We are so glad that you’re listening to our podcast. Our CleverlyChanging podcast is new so we would love for you to share it with your friends who are interested in learning about education, life, and culture. Within these first few episodes, we are sharing our journey to educate and guide our children from home. Please feel free to leave show topic suggestions in the comment section.

Word of the Episode! (3:02)

Elimu Haitekeki

Cleverly Cultured Kids (3:50)

My 10-year-old daughters discuss books they would recommend.

Grown Up Talk (6:00)

  • The definitions of Homeschooling and Unschooling
  • How important is literacy to you?
  • What methods do we use in our homeschools?
  • Child led self-directed education
Cleverly Changing Podcast Episode 2 - Education, Unschooling, and Homeschooling

Previous Podcast Episode and Show Notes

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The Educational Cleverly Changing Podcast Description

Embarking on a self-defining journey showered with self-determination and motherly love this educational Cleverly Changing is a podcast that is hosted by Elle and Miriam, who are two African American homeschooling moms. Please listen in on conversations shared biweekly that will encourage you to be your authentic self, while uplifting your spirit, learning newly cultured information, and motivating your inherent potential. They’re defining what culture is for their families and want you to do the same. Bring your children along too, so they can meet the Cleverly Cultured Kids. They’re all for teaching the babies while they are young, adapting to the challenges of parenting, homeschooling, mompreneurship, and being willing to learn the lessons that the children have to offer. It’s all about uplifting one another and reclaiming your innate greatness. Tune in and share the podcast with your friends.

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