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Y'our Skincare is a personalized skincare system with four easy steps.

Y’OUR Skincare A Personalized Skin Care System

As my daughter entered her adolescent years, I noticed that she had several acne breakouts. When I was her age, I suffered from the same dilemma. Irritated pimples darkened my cheeks and forehead, but one huge difference is that I ...
Dove Family Reading of Joseph A Man of Kindness and Goodness by Elle Cole

Dove Family Reads Joseph A Man of Kindness and Goodness

When I became an author, I learned how beautiful it was to hear people read my books. One of my latest books came after I partnered with Melanin Origins. “Joseph A Man of Kindness and Goodness” is my first children’s ...
Lightsail Homeschool Literacy Review (a language arts program)

LightSail for Homeschoolers Review

Many thanks to for sponsoring this post.  Opinions within the post “Has Your Child Been Tested for Myopia?” are 100% my own. Reading is fundamental. It can open up so many doors and unlock the secrets of the universe. But if ...