Learning to Love Math Ep 16

CleverlyChanging Podcast Episode 16 Math - Learn to Love it

Math doesn’t have to be hard, in fact some people love math. It also shouldn’t be frustrating but in order to learn with ease, a strong foundation is needed. In today’s episode, we discuss how parents can give their kids a strong foundation and how kids can learn to love math.

Learn to Love Math - Episode 16

Intro (00:00)

Mathematics had a huge influence on Ancient Africa. In fact, the earliest measuring stick (the Lebombo Bone) that was ever found was found in ancient Kemet. The game mancala gets its origins from Ethiopia. If you want to learn more about mathematics in ancient Africa check out this youtube video Manu Ampim: “Classical African Contributions to the World in Math & Science

Further reading about Math in Africa:

Bangura, Abdul Karim. African Mathematics: From Bones to Computers. 

Gerdas, Paulus. On the History of Mathematics in Africa South of the Sahara.

Zaslavsky, Claudia. Africa Counts: Number and Pattern in African Cultures 3rd Edition

Word of the Episode (2:00)

Hesabu means math in Swahili

Cleverly Cultured Kids (2:20)

For this episode, I sat down and talked with my daughters about their feelings toward math. I enjoy math, but we are at a crossroads with how they feel about it. Of course, I am on a journey to help them have a more positive math experience, so this episode features some tips that we use to help them understand better. Currently, they enjoy Geometry the best because of its practicality.

Grown Folks Talk about How Kids Can Learn to Love Math (8:44)

On Episode 16, Miriam and I talk with Brandon Berry, a Professor of Business Management at Frostburg State University and an Academic and Life Coach to teens, he shares tips about math. He also introduces us to his newest online course.

Motherland Math

Next, please check out Brandon Berry’s Motherland Math (affiliate) course, which is a math and history resource for grade levels 4 – 12. Your kids will learn to love math by gaining confidence and knowledge at the same time.

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Brandon Berry guest on the CleverlyChanging Podcast

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