Our Educational Experience Ep 3

CleverlyChanging podcast - Our Educational Experience

Elle and Miriam go down the road of past experience. You’ll hear how they met, meet their families and their levels of education. They’re sharing how they approach homeschooling and how their matriculation has made them the instructors that they have evolved into. This episode also touches on the wealth of supplementary materials that can take your homeschool experience to a whole other level.

CleverlyChanging podcast - Our Educational Experience


Check out the oldest university in the world, the University of Al Quaraouiyine. Although their website is written in Arabic, you can read their president’s foreword in English here.

Word of the Episode! (2:00)

Elimu Haina Mwisho

Cleverly Cultured Kids (2:58)

Aamira’s favorite things to do.

Grown Up Talk (6:33)

  • How our educational experience colors the way we homeschool. **Be advised… Miriam was misinformed about DC homeschooling residents needing a degree to homeschool. Please disregard.**
  • Hear how Elle and Miriam met and learn about our family makeup.
  • What do you do when you have multiple ages to teach? It’s definitely possible and may require some real ingenuity, but keep pushing–the perfection you seek may not truly exist. Hear Miriam’s solutions and perspective on teaching multiple levels.
  • Elle’s two girls have always been homeschooled. Miriam’s oldest daughter started out in public school. What was the reason for the change? And what are their plans for the future?
  • What kinds of materials do you use? Elle incorporates a curriculum level workbook and Miriam is part of a co-op. Is a tutor right for you family?
  • What is a hybrid educational experience? How can umbrellas (state/county approved groups that verify your instruction and document it for the state/county)?
  • How can you find the community that is right for you and your family?
  • Elle and Miriam discuss their elementary experiences.
  • Educational resources and how to make the most out of what the internet has made possible in the world of education.

Our Favorite Online Resources

  1. Outschool
  2. Flocabulary
  3. Brain Pop
  4. MobyMax
  5. Legends of Learning
  6. Ten Marks
  7. Khan Academy
  8. ABCya
  9. Kennedy Center Arts Edge
  10. Our Local Public Libraries
CleverlyChanging podcast - Our Educational Experience

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The Educational Cleverly Changing Podcast Description

Embarking on a self-defining journey showered with self-determination and motherly love this educational Cleverly Changing is a podcast that is hosted by Elle and Miriam, who are two African American homeschooling moms. Please listen in on conversations shared biweekly that will encourage you to be your authentic self, while uplifting your spirit, learning newly cultured information, and motivating your inherent potential. They’re defining what culture is for their families and want you to do the same. Bring your children along too, so they can meet the Cleverly Cultured Kids. They’re all for teaching the babies while they are young, adapting to the challenges of parenting, homeschooling, mompreneurship, and being willing to learn the lessons that the children have to offer. It’s all about uplifting one another and reclaiming your innate greatness. Tune in and share the podcast with your friends.

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