Parent Entrepreneurship with James Oliver Jr. on the Cleverly Changing Homeschool Podcast Episode 55

Parent Entrepreneurs | Lesson 55

In this Episode, we hear from James Oliver Jr. a dad of twins. While his twins are are remote schooling he leads the ParentPreneur Foundation which he started during COVID-19, to help black parent entrepreneurs have a community of support ...
How are you helping kids unplug?

Are You Helping Your Kids Unplug?

Occasionally, I have to disconnect and unplug. The lights and constant barrage of information can become overwhelming. After spending hours typing or peering at a screen my eyes will begin to hurt. If this happens to me as an adult, ...
Make Klutz Sew Mini Treats for Craft Month

Klutz Sew Mini Treats Book and Activity Kit Review

Thank you Klutz, a division of Scholastic for sponsoring this post. Hands on learning and a healthy-dose of fun! Children are born with vivid imaginations. As they grow older it’s important to continue to cultivate their imagination. It is when ...