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It’s such a surreal moment to share my own story in a planner that I’ve been purchasing for years. Just like many people, I needed to start making my dreams come true. I met Julian and Christine at their book launch several years ago. Looking back, it was one of the first times that I attended an event I heard about on Twitter. The “Whose Shoes Are You Wearing” book launch literally wowed me. Honestly, I had never seen anything like it before. The event was packed, standing room only. There was so much love in the room, I felt loved just being in attendance.

Julian and Christine authors of the book Whose Shoes Are You Wearing have a new 2020 Planner: the Believe Planner

Several years later, our lives crossed again and again. What I loved most about our encounters was both Julian and Christine’s ability to uplift others. These ladies are go-getters to the fullest. These sisters are the epitome of what it means to take your success in your own hands and implement it. They take their own life experiences and share full transparent moments for their lives. They invest in helping women understand that when you work hard and identify your purpose, blessings will surely follow.

2020 Believe Planner

So here we are, the “Whose Shoes Are You Wearing” ladies gave me an opportunity to be transparent about my own journey. I am undoubtedly walking in my purpose. So ladies and gentlemen get organized and become inspired. This planner is not just a way to write down your goals, dreams, and plans. It’s also a guide to understanding what your purpose is and how to move forward fulfilling it. Get the 2020 Believe Planner here:

Frankly, the 2020 Believe Planner is unique because it’s not just for you to organize your to-do list. It’s a transformational planner that assists in helping you to transform your life. A few years ago, my word for the year was transform. Ever since I lived that year with the desire to transform my life, I intentionally walk in my purpose. Full transparency moment, when you spend this kind of money on a planner, you’re going to use it and try to make the most out of it.