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Welcome to Unschooling with Akilah S. Richards, which is episode 23 of the CleverlyChanging Podcast. Today’s guest is the brilliant self-directed education guru Akilah S. Richards. Our podcast is all about learning how to educate your kids. If you’re a new listener Please remember to subscribe and share. I am an entrepreneur, mom to twin girls, and Miriam is our co-host. She is a mom of 4. This podcast is not only for parents who homeschool their children, but it is also for all parents who want to supplement their child’s education. Our goal is to provide you with encouragement, insight about African history, and support as a parent and home educator. New episodes are uploaded biweekly.

Today’s African proverb is

“Wealth, if you use it, comes to an end; learning, if you use it, increases. ~ Swahili proverb

Here’s Akilah’s Official bio

Fare of the Free Child podcast focuses on Black people, Indigenous people, and People of Color (BIPOC) families who practice unschooling and other forms of Self-Directed, decolonized living and learning. Each weekly episode examines a particular way that we’ve accepted coercive, emotionally and physically damaging habits as a normal part of adult-child relationships. With a focus on deschooling one’s self, decolonizing education, and exploring radical self-expression, this podcast both challenges and informs us to push past coercion and fear, and walk toward a model for living with children that centers community, addresses social justice issues, and believes in trusting and respecting children and ourselves. Apple PodcastsSpotify, support the movement by joining her Patreon: Support Fare of the Free Child Podcast

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Intro (0:00)

The African proverb for this week’s podcast:

“If you close your eyes to facts, you will learn through accidents.”

Word of the Episode (1:35)

kujichagulia means self-determination in Swahili.

Cleverly Cultured Kids (01:56)

Our kids learn what it means to unschool and deschool.

Grown Folks Convo (1:56)

Akilah’s podcast was the first home education podcast I ever subscribed to. Akilah helped me feel empowered that my kids would be able to learn and thrive even if I didn’t follow the rigid academic model that I learned while growing up. Watch this Youtube video to learn more about the free-range movement.

Questions Discussed With Akilah

  • What brought you to unschooling/side?
  • Can you explain to our listeners how self-directed education is different from free-range parenting?
  • Any tips on deschooling?
  • How do you find it being a person of color in the unschooling space? And what advice would you offer for others who are looking for a more African-centered or non-white apporoach to education?
  • Since unschooling is a child led approach to learning, what do you do to quiet those nagging thoughts that come in an tell you that something is wrong?
  • Can you share with us what benefits you’ve seen recently in your children that are the direct result of self-directed education?
  • If someone is on the fence about unschooling and self-directed learning, which direction would you point them to learn more? Are there any stellar writings, videos, that you would recommend?
  • You also do some road schooling as well (although, I’m not sure that you would phrase it that way. What are some advantages that road schooling gives families and children?
  • Have your children ever expressed thanks or regret about the educational path you’ve mapped out for them?
  • What educational legacy do you want to leave your daughters?
  • Where can listeners find you?
Unschooling with Akilah S. Richards, which is episode 23 of the CleverlyChanging Podcast

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Unschooling with Akilah Richards a conversation about self-directed learning on the Cleverly Changing Podcast

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