Entrepreneurship Lessons with Elizabeth Ayoola | Lesson 37

Entrepreneurship | Less 37 of the Cleverly Changing Podcast

In episode 37, we talked about entrepreneurship lessons from two perspectives: a child’s and a new business owner. Our special guest was Elizabeth Ayoola, the founder of Love On A Canvas. Elizabeth is a mom and published author who uses her gift of poetry to create unique one of a kind gifts for families. 

Intro (00:00)

Today’s African proverb is

“A man cannot sit down alone to plan for prosperity.” – Nigerian Proverb

Word of the Episode (2:15)

Pesa means money in Swahili.

About today’s Sponsor Play Black Wallstreet

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Play Black Wall Street is a game about financial literacy

Cleverly Cultured Kids (2:30)

Aamira discusses her thoughts on business and entrepreneurship. Listen in and learn and if you have any additional questions you questions or comments in the comment section.

Grown Folks Discuss Entrepreneurship Lessons

In episode 37, we talked about entrepreneurship from two perspectives: a child and a new business owner. Our special guest was Elizabeth Ayoola, the founder of Love On A Canvas.

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