Create the Perfect Engagement Ring Selfie

Ring selfie tips

According to the Pew Research Center, roughly half of American adults were married in 2017 and 88 percent of people cited love as “an important reason to get married” (romance isn’t dead yet!). The second reason cited for getting married was to “make a lifelong commitment”, which also seems incredibly romantic. Therefore, getting engaged is one of the biggest announcements you’ll make in your life. In 2020, after you’ve called mom (don’t mess up that one!), the most common way to make this announcement is on a social media post (ie., talk a ring selfie).

Use these 5 steps to take the perfect engagement ring selfie:

1. Choose a stunning engagement ring.

According to Dr. Scott M. Stanley in a 2014 article in Psychology Today, an engagement ring stands as an “emblem” representing security and commitment. Dr. Stanley notes how the ritual of the engagement ring allows people to “relax and invest when there is a sense of both present and future safety.”

Proposing marriage by giving your true love a diamond engagement ring is a time-honored tradition that communicates to your partner that you’re ready to commit to them. By shopping for a simulated diamond engagement ring from Agape Diamonds, you can give her the perfect engagement ring for her unique taste at an affordable cost. Agape has a style for everyone: halo diamond rings, solitaire diamond rings (with or without accents), cathedral-style diamond engagement rings, cushion cut style rings, or rings that match wedding bands; you’re sure to find the right diamond engagement ring for your sweetheart at Agape Diamonds.

These simulated diamond rings come in either white gold or yellow gold, and they come with a lifetime warranty. If this is your first-time purchasing fine jewelry, consider looking into Agape’s ring sizing guide on their website as well as their suggestions for proper care.

Note: all U.S. orders of Agape Diamonds come in priority mail through USPS with free insurance.

2. Make sure her makeup look is camera ready.

There’s no denying that, for the ideal engagement selfie, she’s going to want to look her best. By buying her a pair of mink eyelashes, her eyelashes are sure to look fabulous! When it comes to false eyelashes, these eyelash extensions go above and beyond! Instead of sticky glue, these mink eyelashes use a magnetic lash that attaches to a lash band of their magnetic eyeliner (which is cruelty-free — including the brushes). Choose from either mink eyelashes or faux mink lashes perfect for any lash style!

In addition, each of the kits comes with magnetic lashes (sometimes multiple sets) and the cruelty-free liquid eyeliner, but you can order individual lashes and check out Glamnetic’s accessories page to find liquid liner, eyelash curlers, and more for perfect lash style! Shop exclusive 3D mink collection, or for vegans, shop the vegan magnetic lash line made with faux mink as it’s noted for having the “same fluffiness, curl, and dimensionality as mink.”

Bonus tip: at Glamnetic, you’ll get free shipping on U.S. orders over $30. If you sign up for their mailing list, you’ll be one of the first to know about exclusive deals.

3. Make Sure Her Nails are Done

Thus, no one wants cracked and unpolished nails in the first picture of their new sparkly engagement ring, If the proposal is a surprise, be sure to hint that she “deserves an afternoon out” for manicures (wink, wink). If she’s a DIY kind of gal, offer to have a “spa day” with her and suggest painting nails (the polish will come off if she insists on painting your nails, I promise).

4. Romantic Setting

Frankly, romance is important. In fact, a 2019 study found that romantic relationships play a vital role in wellbeing (especially through adolescence and early adulthood). The proposal is not the place to be stingy with the romance! Don’t be a cliché. Make the proposal unique to her, your relationship, and make the actual setting romantic and, ideally, beautiful (that means no proposing at a restaurant – it’s tacky). Think of a location that is special to your relationship or someplace she has always wanted to go.

5. A Ring Selfie Takes Time So Remember the Little Details

Lastly, after the ring has arrived, you’ve secured a great location, and made sure you are both looking your best, you still have a few other things to consider. These include:

  • Lighting: Make sure that the ring catches the light for that ultimate sparkle.
  • Poses: Do multiple poses (romantic ones that show off the ring, the surprised hand over mouth pose to show off the ring, the “mischief man” pose trying to surprise her with the ring, etc.)
  • Props: Maybe she would like a “does this ring make me look engaged?” mug or something cute like that.
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