Introducing a new Homeschool Hints Series

Introducing a new Homeschool Hints Series | two black moms of the Cleverly Changing Homeschool Podcast

With the closing of schools due to Covid 19 many families are scrambling to find out what they can do to teach their children from home. I am sure that many of you who read my blog are aware that I have homeschooled my kids from birth. I have been their primary teacher for most of their lives, but now that they are entering Middle school grades I had wanted to put them in a traditional school. Unfortunately, my plans were derailed and they will be home for another year. In light of understanding every parent’s uneasiness about homeschooling I wanted to lend some assistance and knowledge to help you all as you embark on this new journey by starting my Homeschool Hints Series. The series will run on my Facebook page ( July 19 through Aug 6, 2020, which will take place Sundays through Thursdays.

July 20, 2020 I spoke with Gianna about how to get started homeschooling. Here’s our Homeschool Hints conversation below feel free to share it with your friends.

Homeschool Hints Questions: 

Can you share with me a day in the life of your homeschool? 

From Gianna: I know that each family is different but it helps to get a glimpse into what other people do to get ideas and think outside of the box.
Here is a post that shares my post Covid Schedule:

Here is my Pre Covid Schedule: “Homeschooling With Love: Our Homeschool Schedule”

Post Covid: “Homeschooling Routines”

How do you balance homeschool with the rigors of running and growing a business? 

How do you maintain your balance during your busy season for work? Personally, my goal is not to achieve balance. My goal is to plan ahead and prioritize my time. I do not pretend to be super woman because I am not. In order for my family to make it work and for me to take on the business ventures that I take on then I have to have a strong support system. My husband helps out a lot. So that means that I have to have a list of objectives and school work that my girls need to complete in order for him to help.

What are some things you’ve learned along that way that work well for you?

Be flexible. Don’t try to recreate a traditional public school system within my home.Incorporate learning lessons and teachable moments throughout the day to reinforce lessons.

What are the 3 things I need to know before choosing a curriculum?

3 things you need to know:

  • Your budget
  • How your kids Learn
  • What you’re comfortable teaching

Try to get a sample or use what your kids were using in school. See video and check out this post: “Vetted Home Educational Resources by Subject

Do you do grading/transcripts? If so, how often?

Grading papers is something I normally divide between me and my husband, but it is best when you grade while your kids are taking a brain break so you will know what to correct sooner if necessary.

Use an Umbrella for transcripts, this isn’t usually as important until they reach their high school years.

Listen to this podcast on “How to keep a homeschool portfolio

Have you ever had any discouraging days in homeschooling? If so, how did you push past them?

Yes, see these posts and podcasts for greater insight:

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Homeschool Hints Video Series

Episode 1 – Answering homeschool questions

Episode 2 – I want to start homeschooling, but I have questions

Episode 3 – Practical tips on working while homeschooling

Episode 4 – How to gather your homeschool supplies and library on a budget

Episode 5 – The logistics of homeschooling

Episode 6 – Resources and tools for preschool and elementary students

Episode 7 – The logistics of homeschooling.

Episode 8 – Homeschooling with Vanessa

Episode 9 – Online Educational Resources

Episode 10 – How to help your child navigate Virtual Schooling this school year

Episode 11 –Today at 7pm EST we will discuss Co-ops, Umbrella Schools, and Tutorials

Episode 12 – Science with Kevin Tom, dad, teacher, and YouTuber

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