What Are Some Kid Friendly Restaurants?

I am not much for dinning out, but when we are shopping we eat at a restaurant.  Recently, we went to Johnny Rockets because they have a pretty good vegetarian burger that I like, and found the experience enjoyable for the entire family.

My girls were given crayons and activity sheets, which they enjoyed.  Their booster/high chair seats were pretty sturdy; however I would wipe down the parts your kids touch with a cleansing wipe.

Overall, their menu was pretty good, if you like burgers and fries every once in a while.  However, if you want to include vegetables at every meal this isn’t the place to go.  As vegetarians our kids eat a ton of veggies, and they like them, so one meal without was fine. I did however make sure their sandwich had lettuce and tomatoes.

If you know of any kid friendly restaurants, please share your knowledge.

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