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Transitioning to Homeschool

History (0:10) Episode 6 Instruction in youth is like engraving in stone. – Moroccan Proverb Word of the Episode! (1:30) tuko pamoja Cleverly Cultured Kids (2:13) Interviewed by her mother, Miriam, Aamira shares her thoughts about being homeschooled and how other people react to learning that she is homeschooled. Grown Up Talk (5:18) Elle and

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Co-ops and Support Episode 5 of the CleverlyChanging Podcast

Homeschool Co-ops and Support

History (0:20) Episode 5 is all about cooperation. In the ancient nation of Kush, trade was an avenue of cooperation among the people. While the cultural significance of the history of Kush doesn’t have a direct tie-in, I chose this civilization because they mastered trade and working with their hands together in a community. The

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