Protecting Our Kids from predators – Episode 11

The Cleverly Changing Podcast 11 - A guide to protecting our children from sexual predators

LISTENER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. Today’s episode is all about doing our best to make sure our children are not easy target for sexual predators. This is a sensitive topic for many, as far too many people have been the victims of sexual predators, abuse and assault. You may not want your little ones present when you listen to this episode if you’re not ready to have this type of conversation with them or you are not ready to answer some of the questions this topic can raise.

The Cleverly Changing Podcast 11 - how to protect our children from sexual predators
The Cleverly Changing Podcast 11 – how to protect our children from sexual predators

As always, our conversation comes from a place of love and a genuine desire for your family to be safe and healthy, thriving in the best way possible. As parents we are our children’s first and best advocate, so please stay vigilant and trust your gut. Our babies deserve it.

If you’re looking for more information here are a couple of resources you may find helpful.

8 Ways A Predator Might Groom A Child” from Educate Empower Kids

How to talk to your children about sex abuse ‘early and often’ ” from USA Today

Word of the Episode (2:42)

Mahali Salama

Grown Folks Talk (3:19)

When you’re not sure where to start, we’ve got some ideas for you. Introducing the idea of good touch and bad touch with young people is a small and simple start to your protective measures. It emphasizes the importance of clarifying what is acceptable and what is not. Communication is key. (6:35)

Placing blame where it belongs is important. When a child knows that they did nothing wrong and that they are not the reason for being victimized. And why preparation is so important. Just hoping that nothing happens to our children is not enough. (10:00)

The idea of privacy and personal space is important, as is listening to that little voice inside. Are you speaking anatomically correct? (13:30)

Miriam’s tale of a swift kick to the groin just may give you the push you need to empower your children. (18:15)

How you can use books to help you talk to your children about their bodies and the dangers of predators. Think of books as the friend in the room to help buffer your conversation with your children. It may make you feel better about saying words that you are uncomfortable with. (23:00)

What does the face of a predator look like? Sexual predators and sexual bullies come in so many different forms. For example, Dr. Larry Nasser as an authority figure who was taking advantage of his patients, family members or a peer their age. (27:30) 45

Books and Resources About Prevention and Abuse

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