Can Having a Dog Can Improve Your Home Life

Having a Dog Can Help Bring Families Together

Last past year, my elderly mother asked me to gift her a puppy or dog for Mother’s day. Like any loving child, I really wanted to grant her wish, but I have my hands full with the two kids I have and I knew that I would have to keep the dog in my home more often than not. So as much as I wanted to, I couldn’t grant my mother’s request at the time. Now in her 80s, I understood why she requested a dog. She gets lonely because many of her friends have passed away and most of her children have moved out of state. She thought a pet would be the perfect companion.

Dogs give joy to many children or adults around the world. They are without a doubt, the bravest, most loyal and reliable animals you can have as pets. Parents who get a pet dog for their children are teaching their kids compassion, friendship, and responsibility.

Having a Dog Can Help Bring Families Together

A dog can have a positive effect on your child or elder relative emotionally. In fact, pups are especially happy. Their cheerfulness helps parents when their children are in a bad mood. They are very intelligent and their playful nature helps to bring excitement and adventure into every situation.

Well-raised puppies maintain a beautiful, fun-loving atmosphere in the home. They exuberate a positivity, joy, and affection that is contagious. Dogs as pets become the glue that bonds the whole family together by connecting with everyone in the household.

Your children will feel cherished and loved, even in difficult times. A well-trained pet dog will always stay by your child’s side and they react quickly in situations that threaten your children. Their ability to protect family members is second to none. You won’t have to force them to become alert when you’re not around. For a pet dog, protecting the family he loves is a natural instinct.

Keep Track Of Your Puppy

Little puppies that roam freely in the house are usually not subject to physical danger, but puppies shouldn’t be left alone for a long time at home. You have to keep an eye on them, especially when they’re young.

Hunting is a good example of dog owners letting their pets run ahead of them. Although letting your dogs run freely makes them feel happy and unrestricted, you should always keep a leash handy. There are dangers on wild paths and in the woods that a domesticated animal is not ready for. Beloved pets can also escape and, in some cases, never return. Tracking devices are a wonderful invention that can keep you knowing your dog’s whereabouts at all times. One of the best tracking devices you can find is a Garmin Astro 900 GPS Dog Tracking Device. With this device, you can enjoy your hunt or your daily walk with your pet and have one less worry.

Can Having a Dog Can Improve Your Home Life

Training Your Dog

Your dog’s name must be distinct. Hard sounds make it easier for him to hear and learn his own name so that he can respond to you even in a crowded area. If you say it as often as possible, you will start to notice your dog shift his attention towards you.

Proper training equipment includes:

  • collar or flat collar
  • 6-foot leash
  • Treats

Be Patient When Training your Dog

Problems cannot be resolved with a bad attitude. This is particularly true for pet training. Taking out your frustration on your pet by yelling at them will not help them learn quicker, but it will only make them nervous. This will confuse them as they will find it difficult to trust you, which can cause serious behavioral problems.

Remember that dogs easily give in to the persuasion of rewards. A puppy will become a beautiful, intelligent, well-disciplined dog if you reward them as soon as they show obedience to your commands.

Don’t wait, immediately reward your dog. He won’t know what he’s rewarded for if too much time passes between the command and his response. Your dog could even end up with bad habits if he is unsure why he received a treat.

Clicker Training

Another type of training is done with a clicker. Clicking is faster but it’s still enforced by feeding your dog treats. Your pup will even start to get excited when he hears the clicker because he knows a reward is coming.

Continue to teach him so that he understands the positive connection between clicker noises and treats. Then when you add verbal commands, they become synonymous with clicks after they are rewarded.

Keep Your Pet Healthy

You also want to keep track of your pet’s health. So if you don’t already have one, protect yourself and the dog by getting pet insurance from a reputable company like Bivvy. Get all the necessary vaccinations for your puppy and visit a veterinarian regularly for inspection. Be sure to take any necessary precautions if your pet starts to show signs of fatigue or sickness.

I’m also happy to share with you that my mom now has a dog, she stays with my sister and loves her pet and he loves her. They are a perfect match.

Reader Question

For my readers who have dogs, do you think having a dog improves your home life, if so, how?

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