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Summers Eve Winter Routine

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Winter is one of my favorite seasons because of the beauty of snow-covered rooftops and cooler temperatures. Winter brings a stillness and warmth after the leaves fall and the tree skeletons remain. For me, it’s a time of planning and an opportunity to start new routines. With all the hustle and bustle that comes with holidays, hosting, friends and family, it can be tough to stay fresh during the Winter months.

AD Summer's Eve Winter Routine Tip #2

Monthly Freshness

I don’t suspect that we as women are calling up our girlfriends to have a conversation about freshness when Aunt Flo comes to visit, but it’s important to know what to do. Hormones cannot only make our moods change, but they can increase the activity of our sweat glands as well. In an Abstract created by the National Institute of Health, it is reported that “Dermatological problems of adolescence are mainly related to fluctuations in hormone levels, mainly androgens. They include acne, hair problems and excessive sweating (1).” Dr. Brooke, a licensed naturopathic physician, a former pharmacist, published author, and sought after hormone expert, shares in her article 4 Things You Need to Know About Your Weird Sweating, “Apocrine glands respond to hormone changes and start to work during puberty.” She also states that “hyperthyroidism (elevated thyroid hormones) can certainly crank up your temp and leave you sweaty (2).” Like many women, I found out during my pregnancy that I
from hyperthyroidism. Growing up and now, I struggle with keeping nervous sweat at bay so I found products that work, like washes and wipes.

Summers Eve Cleansing Products

Summer Eve®

Thus, when I think about a brand that provides products to help women maintain their grace and freshness, Summer’s Eve® immediately comes to mind. In fact, they have two new products that will come in handy during Winter months. Especially at times when we need to bundle up in our goose down coats and wear wool hats to keep our bodies warm and cozy. Staying fresh can boost a woman’s confidence and keep her smile painted beautifully beside her rosy cheeks. And Summer’s Eve® Cleansing Wash delivers when we want to stay carefree and beautiful on a cold brisk Winter day.

Winter Routine Tips


Summers Eve Feminine Wash

Cleansing Wash

The Cleansing Wash is GYN approved, so no need to worry. Wash under warm water, but stay away from water that is too hot because it will dehydrate your skin. Dr. Heather Brannon writes in an article on the website, “As wonderful it is to take a good, hot shower on a cold winter’s night, hot water strips the skin of NMF even more effectively than tepid water. “Tepid” doesn’t mean “cold.” You should certainly make the water temperature comfortable . . . (3)”

The Cleansing Wash is not too thick or loose, it goes on a washcloth smoothly and removes odor-causing bacteria. It’s also hypo-allergenic for our most sensitive feminine areas and doesn’t contain dyes or parabens. The fragrance is mild, but cleanses without overpowering your nose. It also won’t interfere with any lotions, sprays, or perfumes you decide to wear later.

's Eve Cleansing Cloths

Cleansing Cloths

Summer Eve® Cleansing Cloths are my favorite Winter bag accessory. The durable wipes are small enough to fit discreetly inside our beauty bags beside our favorite beauty essentials. They are even packaged separately to maintain their moisture. In addition, they can give a lady an extra boost of self-assurance that regular toilet paper just doesn’t afford after a long day of running errands and working hard, especially during the busy holiday time.

I prefer to keep several in my purse because they give me a shower-like clean feeling. They are also the only type of cleansing wipes that don’t irritate my sensitive skin. They are thick like a washcloth too, so one pack does the job. Basically, they are just as important to me as my lip balm is in the Winter, these are two products I’m not leaving home without.

As a person who normally gets hot easily, winter can be tough for me to deal with especially when the heat is on blast and I’m dressed like I live in Antarctica. So whether I’m running errands, enduring back-to-back meetings, returning from the gym or having a visit from Aunt Flo, I can remain confident with these cleansing products.



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