Personality Pups – Teaching Kids about Personality and Imagination

If you want to teach young children about colors, numbers or nature there are many great books to choose from. However I have not seen many that help children learn about personality the way Personality Pups does. Personality Pups is a kid’s book series that uses twelve animated pups, each with their own name and unique personality to teach kids about different personalities. When my kids first saw the book they immediately drawn to certain characters that they could relate to and were eager to read the book.

The first book in the series The Stories of the Personality Pups, introduces each of the pups and encourages kids to make up their own stories about their favorite pup. This will not only help kids understand different personality traits (positive and negative) but also how people’s experiences can affect how they act towards others.  For example, the pup named Raven has a grumpy personality, the story explains that Raven is grumpy because one of her toys was broken.  It’s important for kids to learn to sympathize and react appropriately when they interact with others, no matter what kind of personality they have.  

The book also comes with a CD of catchy songs to go along with the stories and is available for Kindle and iOS devices.

My kids love reading the book and making up their own stories about their favorite pups. As a parent, I liked the book because it helped them learn about personalities, relationships, and helped them use their imagination.  Recently, I have made it a priority to instill social and emotional values within my children and this book really helps give kids a good understanding of personalities on a level in which they can understand. While the book is written for younger kids it also introduces some more advanced vocabulary. In addition to the book there are also several free activity print outs available on the Personality Pups website.

More about Personality Pups

In 2011, the stories of Personality PupsTM   was developed by thirteen year old Darius C. Bridges who loved to draw, paint and just use his imagination to create all types of images. His original creation of the pup is called DOT, a happy-go-lucky puppy who wants to spread happiness throughout the world. His lively imagination was embraced by his classmates at school, who then inspired him to create more pups; and now there are a total of twelve pups.

The concept of Personality PupsTM is to have children from all over the world identify with a pup that best matches their own personality. They will be able to follow the stories of each pup and also explore and use their own imagination by telling their stories through the illustrations of the pups.

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To keep up with Personality Pups and to learn about new books in the series check out their website and follow them on social media

Kids Can Take The Personality Pups Challenge

Encourage your kids to challenge their imagination by creating a new story featuring one of the personality pups. They can do so by taking the “P-Pup Challenge”

Personality Pups Book for Kids

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Personality Pups Teaching Kids about Personality and Imagination

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