10 Rainy Day Activities You Can Do With Your Kids

I love this quote from the tennis champion Venus Williams, “Rain is good for me. I feel like I achieve clarity actually when it rains. The longer I have to sit and wait, the clearer my game becomes to me.” Rain can make us sleepy, but it can also ground us and give us an opportunity to become more productive. In my home, it gives my family a chance to bond over rainy day activities.

As a family, we love getting outdoors and soaking in the sun, but at times the rain comes and seems to last weeks. Although the rain may put a damper on your outdoor fun it doesn’t have to stop you from having an incredible day. 

If you don’t know what to do, a ran day can be a disappointment, but don’t worry here are 10 rainy day activities that will keep you occupied and happy. 

Fun Rainy Day Activities to do With Your Kids

1. Science Experiments

2. Board Games One game that my kids love is the game of monopoly, and I’m sure you know monopoly can last for hours.

One game that my kids love is the game of monopoly, and I’m sure you know monopoly can last for hours.

Indoor swimming

3. Exercise indoors

I have an indoor bike that my kids and I use. You can also do Yoga together which is coming and relaxing. Even swimming at an indoor pool can give you a sense of being outdoors while still being inside shielded from the rain.

Watermelon Kiwi Summer Salad #vegetarian #vegan
Fruit Salad made creative with cookies cutters

4. Prepare a meal together

What do your kids like to eat? Rainy days are the perfect opportunity to teach kids how to make their favorite meals or a delicious treat. The easiest meal that my kids love to make is quesadillas. 

5. Bake cookies, muffins, or cupcakes together

We like to keep a box of muffins in our pantry. You can make whichever sweet treat your kids will enjoy, the key is that you’re doing it together.

6. Create an Indoor Scavenger Hunt around your house

Who doesn’t love a challenge? I know that in our home we all love a good mystery or challenge. At the end of the game give the first person who wins a prize.

Legends of Learning is a safe and secure science platform for kids

7. Play a computer game 

My kids favorite game is Minecraft Education or Roblox. Just make sure that they are playing in a safe environment online with firewalls to block out bad people.

8. Go to skating, bowling, indoor climbing, go cart racing, etc

Although you may be tempted just to stay at home, don’t be, there are tons of things that your family can do that occur inside a building.

Raising readers chapter book favorites
Chapter books for 4 grade + students

9. Go to the library

While the library is a great place to read books, they offer more than just a smorgasbord for avid readers, they also offer classes and activities. Our library even has a 3-D printer that can be used.

Fascinating facts from the UDVAR-HAZY CENTER Air and Space Museum
Read about the Air and Space Museum 

10. Go to a museum

This is my all time favorite rainy day activity. 

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