Homeschooling: This is How We Do it

According to the National Home Education Institute in 2016  there were about 2.3 million home-educated students in the United States (“Research Facts On Homeschooling – National Home Education Research Institute”). The number of homeschool families continues to increase every year. While homeschooling may not be the best choice for every family it is a real option that parents should consider.

Homeschooling for my family was a natural progression. As soon as our little ones came home from the hospital we began teaching them. My favorite activity with my baby girls was cuddling and reading as many books as we could. While they were little we read to our daughters by guiding our fingers underneath the words of the pages and we often asked them questions about the pictures and the story even before they could talk. 

Later, I realized that my kids were naturally use to learning from me. They learned to walk, talk, how to ride a bike, etc. Children learn from their parents on a daily basis and taking their learning experience a step further is fine and acceptable. Homeschooling just takes the level of learning to new heights, there isn’t a formula to the best way to homeschool, there are just different ways to make it work for your family.

If you’re interested Homeschooling, This is How We Do it, really. Watch my recorded Facebook live video above. Then check out my homeschooling posts below, I provide different tips that you’ll need to make it more beneficial. Over the years, I’ve learned many lessons through trial and error, but we are still happily educating our children and they are learning to the best of their ability. 

Homeschooling this is how we do it

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