I Don’t Know About You, But I Need to Make Some Changes

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Happy New Year!!!

Look, the only thing that I can fully deliver 100% of the time is my honest opinion.  I have good days and bad days like anybody else, but what’s different is that I can always envision better for myself. I can close my eyes and see my wins, clearly, like blue sky on a summer’s day. If you don’t believe in resolutions, that’s on you. You can call them resolutions, new habits, or anything else that you want to, but regardless of what you name your goals it’s healthy to recognize that change is needed in order for you to grow. Last year, I shared my word of guidance for the year and it was “Transform.” So when I think back how did it go?

Without a doubt, the best thing that happened to me was going to CA for my first Disney Trip.

This trip was huge for my family and I for a lot of reasons:

  • It was my first time in years taking an overnight break away from my kids.
  • And it was a big confidence booster for me to even be a blogger on Disney’s radar. You can learn more about my trip here.
  • I also stepped out of my helicopter mom comfort zone and let my daughter fly across the country with her sister and dad without me. Why was this huge? Well, in the past I was terrified of her flying because one of my girls has sickle cell anemia and Type 1 Diabetes. So having her take 5-hour flights from the east coast to the west coast was the biggest sense of stress I felt this summer, but she was OK. I’m here to tell you that you can’t let the reports you read online scare you half to death.

Although, I once read a report published on the National Institute of Health’s website that stated, “High altitude seemed to be responsible for seven recent cases of sickling crisis. People with sickle-cell trait are at risk if they fly in unpressurized aircraft, which are used for many local air services. Those with sickle-cell haemoglobin C disease should avoid air travel even in pressurized aircraft. Possibly as a result of “autosplenectomy,” patients with sickle-cell anaemia seem to be able to fly in pressurized aircraft with little risk. All passengers and aircrew who might have some form of sickle-cell disease should be screened before flight.”

I made sure that she drank plenty of fluids before the flight and let my husband know to make TSA aware that she would be wearing an insulin pump.

Therefore, overall, in 2018 I learned to face my fears and do it anyway, which was the transformation I needed.

See my best nine below to learn how my transformation revealed itself on social media.

Now in 2019, I want to EXCEL!

It’s not Ok to just face my fears and be scared during every moment of the process. Now, I have to look ahead and prepare myself so when amazing opportunities arrive, I don’t just make an Okay impression, I need to make a difference. My work needs to be more refined and my expectations for myself need to become higher. I also need to do a better job about keeping my word and following through with plans that I make for myself.

This is my reality and I am sharing it with all of you. Visit my blog this week, because I’ll be sharing some upcoming news about what’s new and what my goals and plans for this year are.

Reader Question

Which word or words will help guide your steps this year?


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