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Interview and giveaway for Alex and Me

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Alex and Me is a movie for kids about overcoming obstacles. The film’s main character is Reagan, played by actress Siena Agudong. Reagan comes from an athletic family and really wants to join the soccer team. Unfortunately, her natural abilities aren’t on the soccer field and she doesn’t make the team. Instead of giving Reagan learns about the power of practice. Thankfully after a bizarre accident Reagan, her all-time favorite athlete, Alex Morgan, who is an Olympic Gold Medalist and FIFA Women’s World Cup champion, comes to life from a poster and tutors Reagan in the art of all things soccer.

Alex and Me has a Positive Message for Kids

This movie is powerful for young boys and girls because it really helps children envision the power of hard work. You’ll have to watch the movie to find out just what happens with Reagan after she learns real lessons from her mentor Alex. The video is a wholesome family option and I give it our clever stamp of approval.

Blogger Interview With Siena Agudong (the actress who played Reagan Wills in Alex and Me)

**questions from Cleverly Changing during the interview with Siena

**Blogger – Alex and Me” is all about learning how to believe in yourself. Do you have any advice for young girls to help them build their confidence?

Siena – “Yes, I do. I truly believe that if you believe in yourself you can achieve great things. And so I’d say to build confidence, you know, just go along with the ride and just know that God has a plan for you and to trust the process and just enjoy life and be yourself.”

**Blogger – Alex Morgan is your mentor in the movie, did you have a real-life mentor?

Siena – “Yes, that would be my older sister Sydney. She really inspires me because she works really hard on her singing. I always looked up to her and I always followed what she was did. That’s how I got into acting. She was doing plays, so I started doing plays.”

Blogger – You’ve been acting a long time. When did you know it was something you wanted to do?

Siena – “My sister started doing plays when she was around six. We always did a lot of skits with our family so I’ve always been into acting. I started in plays.”

Blogger – What advice would you give to Alex and other girls about not succeeding at something the first time?

Siena – “Don’t let it affect you too much. You have to keep moving forward and working hard because hard work pays off.”

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Blogger – Did you have any soccer experience before this film?

Siena – “Yes, I did play soccer before with AYSO. Two weeks prior to the movie they brought in two trainers for me – this really really helped me.”

Blogger – Outside of acting, you are athletic. How long have you played soccer?

Siena – “For years, but I learned more in the few weeks on the movie and I love it even more now.”

Blogger – What was the most challenging part of the film?

Siena – “Learning the tricks was the biggest challenge. There is a scene where my brother had to walk across a big road in the scene and I had to do push-ups until he got there. He walked so slow, so I kept having to do push ups.”

Blogger – Was there any advice that Alex Morgan gave you specifically that you will take and carry with you forever?

Siena – “There are so many things that she said to me that I will forever take. Especially when she would tell me to have confidence in myself. During the scene, there were a lot of tricks that were hard for me and she would always support m. She would tell me Siena believe in yourself and believe in the trick and do it.”

Blogger – What is the best advice that you’ve been given?

Siena – “There are a few good ones. God has a plan. Trust the process. Surround yourself with good people and believe in yourself.”

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