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AD Give your day a healthy start using a SANS Air Bottle

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The bitter cold frigid temperature sometimes makes me what to hibernate and sleep-in until the next season. I know that even though I want to stay warm and toasty indoors, nature is going to have its own way and winter cannot be skipped. Besides, each season has its own delight. But in my heart, during the winter months I long to take a brisk walk or bike ride through the crisp winter breeze while I watch the bare trees show open landscapes that were once hidden to my eyes. I’m so thrilled when I start to see and hear chirping birds and watch buttercups emerge to decorate my lawn because I know Spring has sprung and moderate weather means I can start my healthy living ritual by being active outdoors with my kids again.

AD Give your day a healthy start using a SANS Air Bottle

Gearing Up for Spring With Healthy Vibes

If you love the active life that spring allows and are trying to live as healthy as possible, then you may enjoy a spring smoothie year round. While the weather may not be always willing to play nicely and give us bright vibrant colors to day-dream about, a quick colorful protein breakfast is always available. 

Healthy Living Starts Early

During the morning hours when I feel like life itself is rushing me and calling me to multitask in ways that could make a smart phone envious my creativity as a mom is born. Out of necessity, I have taught my daughters how to make a green machine breakfast smoothie that would make you want to garden. 

AD Give your day a healthy start using a SANS Air Bottle It will keep your smoothie fresher longer

My kids gather in the morning and grab fruits and vegetables, put them in our Vitamix, and make breakfast for everyone.

Once our homeschool starts, we get ready and take a walk around our neighborhood so we can enjoy the day with a fresh start and exercise. 

AD Give your day a healthy start using a SANS Air Bottle

It also gives kids the opportunity think consciously about their health. In fact, they are able to get their fruits and vegetables early in the day so they can be more alert and energized later.



I also never have to worry about my kids eating their fruits and veggies because when they are given the freedom to help out in the kitchen and create smoothies are fruit and veggie faces they are excited about tasting their healthy fruits and vegetables.

AD Give your day a healthy start using a SANS Air Bottle It will keep your smoothie fresher longer

If you want to enjoy a healthy smoothie throughout your day, get a Sans Air Bottle, which is a juice and smoothie preserving bottle. The white round top keeps your favorite smoothies & shakes fresher, longer by pumping out the air that cause oxidation and decay.

What makes SANS Air Bottles better?

Almost everyone would have to agree that smoothies are better when fresh. It’s something about hearing the loud song and dance of your blender, then chugging done fresh fruits and veggies right after. Now, with the pushing mechanism of a sans bottle you and even your kids can have that fresh smoothie energizing drink when you want it. This is so helpful if you want to make your drink in advance and save it for another day. The push top is so easy to use even a kid push it to reduce the amount of air that’s in the bottle.

AD Give your day a healthy start using a SANS Air Bottle It will keep your smoothie fresher longer

We made our smoothie in the morning and after a long bike ride we enjoyed the refreshing taste of a green ginger-mango smoothie.

Although, the bottle is large (about 16 oz) it was still able to fit in our refrigerator. I can be a bit cautious of plastic containers so it is also important to note that the Sans Lite Bottle is BPA free and made of Tritan Plastic. The cleaning process was simple because the opening is wide enough for a brush cleaner and the push mechanism unscrews for easy cleaning. 

The SANS Air bottle fits comfortable in the refrigerator

Buy A SANS Air Bottle 

This model (SANS Lite) currently costs about $20 and is the cheapest model. The draw back is that it doesn’t come with the outside colorful rubber cover.

There are also two other models: SANS XL ($40) and SANS ($30), which are both more stylish and the XL is 32oz. 

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