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My kids and I are huge A Wrinkle In Time Fans. We are so excited about That the movie is scheduled to be released Thursday March 9, 2018. For us, this is one of our most anticipated movies. If your kids or students are fans of the movie then I have a real treat for you, Disney just released new A Wrinkle In Time coloring pages from the movie, these printables are perfect anyone who is excited about the movie. They are great for classrooms, after-school care, birthday parties, and more. There are also other pages like a maze, a fortune game, and a spot what’s different page as well.

A Winkle In Time Fans Learn More about the Movie

 A typical middle school student, Meg Murry is the main character of the story who struggles with self-worth and confidence. She wants to fit in with her other classmates but is trying to figure out her awkward preteen years. She is very smart and has unique talents and abilities. Both of her parents are two world-renowned physicists. She also has a younger brother, who is around 5 years old an is witty and gifted, his name is Charles Wallace. Together the two kids go on an adventure to find their dad who disappears mysteriously. 

While on their adventure Charles introduces Meg to three celestial beings (Mrs. Which, Mrs. Whatsit and Mrs. Who) who come to earth to help them search for their dad. The journey is exciting, colorful, and helps test the strengths and weaknesses of their characters. They all travel through a space known as tessering, which is a wrinkling of time and it takes them to far away galaxies where they encounter forces of good and evil. 

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AWrinkleInTime_Maze Printable Coloring Pages for A Wrinkle in Time Fans

AWrinkleInTime_Running from the IT Printable Coloring Pages for A Wrinkle in Time Fans

AWrinkleInTime_3 Beings Printable Coloring Pages for A Wrinkle in Time FansAWrinkleInTime_Flower Planet Uriel Printable Coloring Pages for A Wrinkle in Time Fans

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