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Is Bible History Exciting to You? Before you say no, take a few minutes to read my post and find out why Bible History is exciting. Even if you’re not religious the Museum of the Bible has exhibits that are fascinating to see.

Museum of the Bible Field Trip Tall Stairwell

There is tons to see within the Museum of the Bible

If you start your visit at the top floors, you’re most likely to think the museum resembles other art museums. The art gallery shows illustrated Bible text and Bible related artworks. Then you’ll see replicas of artifacts from Biblical times like Gutenberg’s Printing Press shown below.

Replica of Gutenberg's Printing Press Museum of the Bible Field Trip

Lots of Artifacts and Bible Influences Represented

The areas we found most exciting were the live demonstrations and video presentations. During the theatrical performance, you meet an actress who plays a woman from the time period cooking food at home to prepare for her family. She tells visitors about different foods people from the region ate. The exhibit presentation is a learning experience where visitors also learn how the home was built, where the family slept, and how life was thousands of years ago in Jerusalem.


The video presentations are fully animated on panoramic screens. During one presentation, visitors walked from one room to another. In each room visitors are shown biblical stories starting with creation through thee 12 tribes of Israel. The presentation is interactive and shows a mixture of motion graphics, sculptures, and audio to bring the bible stories to life.

2 Museum of the Bible Field Trip

The Museum is Interactive offering something for everyone to enjoy

Seeing biblical references throughout American History was eye opening. Some references like the mixture of Christian music and secular genres are widely known. You can hear many of the most people singers in their music room. However, it may surprise you to see other influences such as bible references literally woven into fashion. There was even an interactive screen where visitors could design their own shirt and see their reflection wearing it.

10 Museum of the Bible Field Trip

10 Museum of the Bible Field Trip

The restaurant serves Lebanese inspired food so visitors can continue their experience and taste food that is related to the region.

You’ll pay extra for the Virtual Reality Ride, but it’s Worth it

Especially if you enjoy rides and virtual reality trips, then purchase tickets for the ride that the museum offers. This experience was my favorite. The ride shows Biblical References throughout the architecture in the District of Columbia. The ride is entertaining and enjoyable because it is unexpected and provides a unique bird’s-eye view of the city.

One of the most interactive spots in the museum for kids is their Children’s exhibit. Look at the Youtube Video to see the Children’s Section. It’s like a Bible Story game room for kids where they can play regular games and climb through a jungle gym while seeing their favorite bible characters displayed around the room.

Overall, I enjoyed listening to stories within the museum. The entire visit to the Museum of the Bible is a rich experience that anyone can enjoy. The museum has different exhibits which will give everyone that visits a unique experience that they can relate to. Taking my kids to the bible museum for a field trip was awesome. They really loved all of the hands on opportunities and the children’s section. Regardless of a person’s age there is something there enjoyable for everyone. So the next time you’re in Washington, DC get tickets for the Museum of the Bible.

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