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Studio Xfinity with Comcast Beltway

The day the Olympic Games were underway, a team of bloggers and myself visited Studio Xfinity in Washington, DC. Comcast Beltway hosted our group, which is Comcast’s news and events agency that shares information and services available in Maryland, Virginia, Washington, D.C. and parts of Delaware and West Virginia. While on location we had an amazing inside scoop experience of how Xfinity will change the way their customers watch the Olympics this year.

Michael Weiss at Studio Xfinity in DC

Michael Weiss 2 time Olympic Winner

First, we met with Michael Weiss, who is a three-time American (1999, 2000, 2003) two-time World bronze medalist (1999, 2000), and two time Olympic team member. His candid conversation kept us all engaged and increased our anticipation of the Olympic Games in Pyeong Chang. Watch the featured video to learn more.

One of the best parts of the day with Comcast Beltway 

Surprisingly, I really enjoyed playing the virtual reality game in the store. The hockey game helped me tap into my inner kid. The live interaction of the game forces players to physically get up and move to play the game offering a great opportunity for any one to exercise and have fun while indoors.

Xfinity’s Services in the Comcast Beltway Area

  • Xfinity Internet – As an XFINITY I love that there are XFINITY mobile hotspots nationwide and I can use my service while I’m away from home. In addition, one of the most convincing reasons to switch to xfinity’s Internet Wi-Fi system is that it can be placed on a timer and turned off during the night if you don’t want your kids on the web while they should be sleeping. The home screen gives parents more control over their families’ digital lives.

  • Xfinity X1 – This new television remote is exciting. It is integrated with other xfinity systems to really help simplify a person’s life. Users can add favorites, search, identify songs and music. You can control your XFINITY Home security system from your TV. Use voice commands like “XFINITY Home cameras” to see who’s at the front door and much more. This feature is only available on XFINITY X1.


Here are the most common commands used (source):

Voice Command Action
“Olympics” or “Pyeongchang Games” Navigates to Olympics home screen on X1.
“What sports are competing today?” Navigates to Olympics Daily Summary screen.
“Bobsleigh results” View in-depth result screen for a specific event.
“Show me curling.” Displays summary card for your desired sport.
“Italy figure skating.” Shows sport summary by country.
“Show me medals.” Opens the complete medal count by country.
“When is ski jumping?” View upcoming events and results by sport.
“What’s the Biathlon record?” Displays Olympic records & current leaders.
“Jamie Anderson Snowboarding” View athlete summary & individual medal account.
“Watch opening ceremony.” View the opening ceremony.
“Snowboarding medals.” View the medal count for a specific event.
“Sports” Opens sports on X1.
“Who is Hilary Knight?” Learn about an Olympic athlete.
“USA Ice Hockey score” Shows the summary for your desired team/sport.
“Tune to Gold Zone” Views NBC Gold Zone channel (live Olympic action.) 

  • Xfinity Home – The Home Security System gives families reassurance. Every XFINITY home system includes 24/7 professional support with quick response times and the ability to arm, disarm and control your system remotely. Personalize your home by setting rules to get real-time alerts when activity is detected so you can keep an eye on what matters most. 

Therefore, not only does the home security system provide safety, but it could also help lower your homeowners insurance as well. The Smart home control is made possible from an app on your smart device. Battery and cellular back-up helps reassure you that your system will continue to work even if there is a power outage. Another plus is that there is also 24/7 Professional monitoring. And the best news is that the entire system is reasonably and competitively priced.


  • Xfinity Mobile – XFINITY Mobile is only available to Xfinity customers who have Comcast’s Internet. The deal is very affordable. You can bring your own device and pay $12 per gigabyte and $45 will give customers $45 worth of unlimited mobile data. 


Favorite Highlight

Thus, by switching to Xfinity’s mobile phone service you get to maximize your service and pay hundreds of dollars less than a typical cellular carrier.

If you’re ever in DC, definitely stop into the Studio Xfinity store and enjoy a cup of coffee, get a better understanding of the goods and services, and play their virtual reality games.

Reader Question:

Do you and your family watch the Olympics together? If so, what is your favorite sport.


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