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5 ways to improve air quality

Air quality affects all of us and in urban communities the air quality is often worse. Researchers at ScienceDirect report that “half of the world’s population (55%) lives in urban areas, the environmental degradation produced by cities threatens the health and quality of life of a fair share of the world’s population” (source). In fact when I think about climate change issues, I think about minority families who are directly adversely affected. While I’d love to share some quick anecdotes to Improve air quality and fix the problem, air quality is an often systematic government approved issue, and there’s a lack of concern on a grassroots level.

Air quality doesn’t only affect our waterways, like what we have heard about in Flint Michigan, but it also effects the food we eat, and the environment around us.

5 Ways to Improve Air Quality | Kids in Nature

What is urban air quality?

Urban air quality refers to how “clean” the ambient air is inside of cities with a density, population, and level of activity that generally are recognized as “urban”  (source).

  1. Exercise your green thumb and plant seeds or native trees. Thankfully, there is currently a plant lovers movement that is in full effect. People are planting seeds, nourishing houseplants, and cleaning the air around them.
  2. Reduce your driving time by skating, biking, or walking, or by driving a green vehicle. For years, hybrid cars, Tesla’s electric vehicles, and living in walkable communities have been the latest buzz. If many of us were given a Tesla we’d drive it with pride.
  3. BBQ using a gas or electric grill. During the pandemic some people used their grills more and enjoyed more outdoor entertaining.
  4. Reduce your air conditioner bill by using a programmable thermostat. I’ve also shared on the blog before about how my family saves with our electric solar panels.
  5. Unplug devices when they aren’t in use. This is one of the easiest and simplest actions that a family can take. It will help air quality by reducing the need for using more electricity.

Reader Participation – How Can We Improve Air Quality?

In the comment section below share, how you and your family are working to improve air quality during Air Quality Awareness Week?

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