Learning Mental Wellness

Learning Mental Wellness with Avantika Dixit, founder of Woke Hero on the Cleverly Changing Podcast

May is Mental health awareness month and there is no better month to share Avantika Dixit’s story and expertise. Whether we homeschool, remote school, or send our children to school we need to be mindful of the mental health challenges that our children may experience, especially during this pandemic. Avantika is a Clinical Psychologist who shared her personal journey with mental wellness after suffering from a brain tumor as a teenager. She also shared with us what we should look out for as it relates to our children and their wellbeing.

The African proverb for this week’s podcast is: (1:22)

The jungle is stronger than the elephant. – South African proverb

Word of the Episode ( 1:45)

"Junni" means 1000 in Wolof from Senegal.
Learning Mental Wellness with Avantika Dixit the founder of Woke Hero on the Cleverly Changing Podcast

The Grown Folks Section on Mental Wellness: (2:18)

Avantika  Dixit is also a Social Scientist, Clinical Psychologist, Hypnotherapist and Positive Psychologist. We spoke to Avantika to gain an understanding of wellness and how it relates to us as parents and children. 

Some of the questions answered were: (listen to the broadcast to hear the Avantika’s answers)

  • As a clinical psychologist what have you observed about the mental health of teens, preteens, and younger children who are dealing with the pandemic?
  • What are some signs of concern that parents should be aware of regarding the mental health of their teens and preteens?
  • What are some tools that they can use to become more resilient? 
  • How can parents encourage more dialogue with their teens who may not be in a habit of sharing their emotions?

About Woke Hero

WokeHero.com is an social wellness platform. Woke Hero’s background and bringing social wellness to young people. The goal of the platform is to enhance the education and future planning for young people.
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  • Please share what problem Woke Hero seeks to solve?
  • How can families encourage their teens and young adults to use Woke Hero?
  • What inspires you to spread the Woke Hero movement across the world?

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