Tips on Teaching your Child to Love Science

Tips on Teaching your Child to Love Science | The Cleverly Changing Podcast Live Series

What was your favorite subject in school? Mine was science and when my kids were in first grade, I remember them saying science was their favorite subject too. I find science to be fascinating. Not just the experiments, but the fact that science is always constantly changing. One of my goals as a parent and home educator is to encourage my children to love science. Recently, on the CleverlyChanging Podcast we had two guests who shared their love for science with us: Richard Kurtz and Charity Russell. Watch this podcast and learn tips that parents can use to help cultivate a love of science within their children.

Richard Kurtz

For 34 years Mr. Kurtz taught high school science and ignited a love of learning in his students.

Courtesy of Richard and Charity

Charity Russell

Charity is one of Mr. Kurtz’s former students, and is now pursuing a degree within the science field in college. She is also an award winning science student.

Courtesy of Richard and Charity

Key takeaways from the conversation:

Parents, making mistakes is a healthy part of learning. Allow your kids to learn while in your care.

Don’t stifle a child’s learning; instead create a dialogue about science and constantly ask questions.

Give students an opportunity to increase and explore their curiosities.

Understanding the Importance of Science When Educating our Children (Youtube Video Recording)

Here are some of the questions from the interview:

Introduction: Share who you are and what your field of expertise is.

Why is Science important and not optional for all students?

What are some tips for parents on how to make science exciting at home?

Please share some resources parents can use to help them provide quality hands-on learning as it relates to science?

Can you name one science experiment that parents can do at home!

Can you share some resources or books for middle and high school students?  

How can parents who are interested connect with you?

Is there anything else that you’d like to share?

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Download this (5 page) teacher approved printable that provides science resources


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