Register Now For The Homeschool Together Conference

Register now for the 2020 Homeschool Together Conference

Do you have questions about homeschooling? Are looking for reassurance and guidance? If so, there is a three-day Homeschool Together Conference starting August 21, 2020 that you should attend.

About 8 years ago, my daughter’s pediatrician candidly said to my husband and I, “If you want your daughter to stay healthy and reduce complications, I recommend that you homeschool her.” Prior to that conversation I had never thought about homeschooling. The pediatrician was aware of my daughters specific health challenges and told us early enough so we could make an informed decision about her care and education. 7 years later I’m still homeschooling my daughters and I am so grateful that it has attributed to reducing her health complications.

Many Families Are Making the Decision to Homeschool Together

This year, is unique because families all over the nation are making the same decision I faced years ago. Thankfully, I’m an open book when it comes to my families homeschooling journey. Therefore, I am extremely grateful that I was given a head start on homeschooling, so I can help other families learn more about effective ways to homeschool. My desire to help others directly lead to me say, “Yes,” to being a speaker at the Melanin Village conference.

If you just want to learn more about homeschooling, feel free to register for the conference. If you’re concerned about the event affecting your schedule, then purchase an All-Access Pass to have unlimited access to watch the sessions whenever it is convenient for your schedule.


Astoundingly, over 1,500 families have already registered. The beauty of this conference is that you don’t just have to take my word for the beauties of homeschooling, there is an incredible line up of speakers. So I encourage you to register for the All-Access Pass, and use discount code “CLEVER” for 10% off the Pass.

Register here:


The All-Access Pass includes your ticket to The Melanin Meetup and means you can watch whenever you want with unlimited replays, follow along with guided notes, and take advantage of curriculum discounts. 

Your All-Access Pass unlocks a village bonus session with educational psychologist, Laurie Paul. This session covers the importance of using resources that reflect our black and brown kids and how we can capitalize on our children’s strengths to help them reach their full potential.

✅ Unlimited replays

✅ Guided notes and worksheets

✅ Live networking event 

The Networking Event / The Melanin Meetup

With the ability to move between virtual rooms, enjoy panels, and live networking, this is not just a zoom room. On the center stage, we will have special guests and hear success stories from graduated homeschoolers.

Can’t wait to see you there!

You can also check out my homeschool podcast for tips and candid conversations about teaching our children: The CleverlyChanging Podcast.

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