Save 55% on a Photography Class for Teens

Below is a photo of my daughter. Taking pictures has been a hobby of hers for a while now. As a parent, I really want to help her cultivate and develop her photography skills. As a result, I signed her up for a virtual photography class, the best part is that it’s a photography class for teens, meaning that the instructors have made the course specifically with the interest and skill level of teens in mind. She is so excited to learn more about the nuances of photography.

Photography class for teens

Online Photography Class for Teens

Do you have a preteen or teen in your life who is interested in taking photos, if so @ShultzPhotoSchool is a top online photography school for students.⁠ Sign up today and also receive 55% off of the course when you use my referral promo code COLE55.⁠ That’s more than half off and the price is very reasonable. Enrollment ends August 31, 2020.⁠

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Starting to Homeschool 

Over the past 3 weeks I have gone live with guests or solo to share homeschooling tips. If you or someone that you know wants more information on how to homeschool, please check out the Homeschool Hints Video Podcast Series

Some of the topics addressed are: 

Episode 1 – Answering homeschool questions

Episode 2 – I want to start homeschooling, but I have questions

Episode 3 – Practical tips on working while homeschooling

Episode 4 – How to gather your homeschool supplies and library on a budget

Episode 5 – The logistics of homeschooling

Episode 6 – Resources and tools for preschool and elementary students

Episode 7 – The logistics of homeschooling.

Episode 8 – Homeschooling with Vanessa

Episode 9 – Online Educational Resources

Episode 10 – How to help your child navigate Virtual Schooling this school year

Episode 11 –Today at 7pm EST we will discuss Co-ops, Umbrella Schools, and Tutorials

Episode 12 – Science with Kevin Tom, dad, teacher, and YouTuber

Catch up on a US History Lesson 

Calm in the Midst of the Storm, A History Lesson with Dr Janus Adams:

Last, but not least. If you’re interested in ever being a guest on my podcast or you know someone who would be a good fit, please share this link with them. 
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