The Motivated Mom Retreat Recap

The Motivated Mom Retreat was all about women supporting other women. LoToyia Dennis, the founder of the Motivated Mom Retreat had a burden on her heart to connect her community together and provide a platform for women to inspire and motivate each other. She took her idea into different cities as a motivated mom tour, then decided to make it a retreat for one weekend throughout the year. This year, the retreat was held in Dallas, TX. The opportunity to talk openly and freely to educated business-minded women was an invaluable experience.

My niece and I at the Cocktail and Converse party

While we did tons of learning and networking, more than anything else we took time to heal together. Getting a conference together is no easy task, so congratulations to LoToyia for executing a fantastic conference. For three days September 20, 21, and 22 we made the most of our time together and exchanged numbers, cards, emails, social media handles and invited new people into our circle of friendship.

Motivated Mom Retreat Day 1

The first day of the retreat was relaxing. I took the time to go to the spa and enjoyed a chair massage, while my niece got her manicure and pedicure done. The spa was both relaxing and inviting.

During one of the first sessions, we learned more about Malinda Williams, The Wood and Soul Food, actress that we’ve come to respect and admire over the years. In her interview with LoToyia she discussed her career, motherhood, and her current passions. She is a wife and mom of a 25-year-old son. She owns a Yoga Studio in NJ, and is also a graphic designer and e-commerce business owner.

One of my favorite events on Friday was movie and Karaoke night. The film was about black Wall Street and how some people in the black community are working together to build businesses that will have a positive impact within their communities.

Here are pictures of two of the business owners, and you can watch the film here:

Motivated Mom Retreat Day 2

African American blogger Elle Cole, picture taken my Photographer Ari from MissAri_Photos on IG

Bright and early Saturday morning the Motivated Mom Retreat attendees attended a financial podcast,  fashion show, and five different breakout sessions that were intimate conversations:

On my plane ride home I was able to read LaToyia’s book, this week I’ll share my review so visit again.

Elle Cole and LaToyia Dennis
  • The living Room Fireside Chat
  • Next, Habits, Health, and Healing with Sabrina Watkins
  • How to Create Financial Wellness With Prudential
  • Hatch, Leap, Soar with LaToyia Dennis
  • Life after Trauma and Divorce with Shirilyn and Alshante

Many of the Motivated Mom Retreat attendees also paddle boarded along the canal that was next to the hotel.

African American Blogger Elle Cole and Dondre Whitfield

The largest event of the retreat was the Converse and Cocktail party. Dondre Whitfield spoke to the women in the audience and shared his perspective from a dad’s, and growing up fatherless point of view.

Here were 5 of my key takeaways:

  1. “Every man needs to be the hero in his house and women need to be heard.”
  2. “A grown male looks to be served, but a man looks to be of service.”
  3. There are men in this world that don’t want to covet you, they want to cover you.”
  4. “Don’t go after his profits go after his purpose.”
  5. “Every man needs to be the hero in his house and women need to be heard.”

Motivated Mom Retreat Day 3

Blogger Elle Cole, photo by MimiCuteLips

I shared more about the final day where six moms, including yours truly, shared our stories. You can watch my Strong and Tough Mom Story below.

Be Yoked Podcast Co-host and Elle Cole

Overall, the best part of the conference was getting to know new people who I will continue to keep in touch with from years to come.

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