Stories that Heal – Motivated Mom Talks Recap

Motivated Mom Talks - 9 African American women standng side by side

The room was chilly, the air conditioning could be felt on the chairs and tables as guest ate their breakfasts. Some people were dressed up in long dresses, while others were dressed in business casual outfits like rompers or jeans and blouses.

LaToyia took the podium to close out the Motivated Mom Retreat. LaToyia was visibly emotional after a weekend packed full of her biggest supporters.Every day of the Motivated Mom retreat women were supporting each other. Visit my first recap to learn about day 1 and 2.

The last day of the conference was no different, the motivated mom talks was a portion of the retreat where the moms were able to connect in a different way and tell their stories. Six different moms were chosen to share momories during the Motivated Mom Talks.

Motivated Mom Talks

The first mom up, Ariel, from HustleMommies shared a riveting story of triumph over naysayers, and the joys of having a praying grandmother who supported her in life and death. Her grandmother’s words of encouragement are still a source of peace and comfort for her as she continues to work on achieving her dreams.

Motivated Mom Retreat

Next up, to share the second motherhood journey of the evening was me. It was a moment I had been looking forward to having for months. I took the stage ready to release my experiences into the atmosphere to help other mothers. My hope would that moms who had a child with chronic illnesses would no longer feel alone like she was going through tough times by herself.

Each story has a component of sadness; fortunately, every woman didn’t leave us there, they shared their story and their words of affirmation. Side-by-side we stood looking out down into the audience hopeful about our futures. Some women hugged one another. Others smiled from a distance, while others nodded in agreement. When I looked around the room I could the pupils in people’s eyes did the talking. Their gazes were unspoken symbols of support and validation from a sisterhood. Pain is universal regardless of a person’s walk in life.

My Personal Takeaways From the Motivated Mom talks


I left telling myself to be kind to elderly mother while I still could enjoy her time and presence here on earth.



Trust my motherly gut instinct when I feel that something isn’t right.


Allow myself to be loved.


Cherish a partner that will love you even in your darkest moments.


Advocate for yourself and others


Live intentionally and love intensely because no is promised to us.

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