LEGOLAND and their Disability Pass

Does LEGOLAND offer a disabilty pass

My daughter is unable to be outside in the heat for long periods of time. She suffers from a genetic blood disorder called Sickle Cell Anemia and Type 1 Diabetes. Unfortunately, extreme temperatures can cause her to suffer from a pain crisis where she is at risk of numerous complications such as acute chest syndrome, infections, stroke, or death. She loves adventures and really wanted to go to LEGOLAND in California. With the option of being able to use a disability pass, I was able to take her to enjoy their amusement park.

My daughter has an invisible disability. Although other people cannot see what is going on in her body, it doesn’t make her illness less serious. When we visited LEGOLAND in California one of my chief concerns was how would she navigate the park safely under the heatwave that the area was experiencing at the same time.

LEGOLAND how to navigate the park with a disability pass

Once in the park, I inquired at the front desk about their disability pass. It is called a Hero Pass at LEGOLAND Florida and an Assisted Access Pass at LEGOLAND California. Ideally, with the Hero pass my daughter was able to get on rides immediately with me. However, we usually had to reserve a time, which the workers indicated on our card, even when it was just the two of us, and we had to wait occasionally.

As a side note, the LEGOLAND Discovery Centers do not have disability passes. Disability passes are not admissions related. Once admission is paid, customers who are unable to wait in line can go to the Customer Service Department and obtain a pass to avoid long lines for rides.

Our experience with the LEGOLAND disability pass

Who Can Use A the Disability Pass?

According to LEGOLAND California’s Resort: A Hero Pass for those who may have difficulty waiting in line. The Assisted Access Pass is assigned at the discretion of LEGOLAND Florida Resort staff and may be revoked at any time if terms are violated.

What Type of Access Does the Disability Pass Allow?

This pass allows the guest assigned the pass immediate boarding through the exit along with one helper; however, the rest of the group is required to receive a reservation. Once a reservation time is set for an attraction, both the guest assigned the pass and the rest of the group may return together at the reserved time.

Please note, proof of illness is on the honor system. As a family that would hesitate to visit an amusement park without a pass I hope that people will not abuse their opportunity because it truly allow people, even those with invisible disabilites to be able to enjoy the parks.

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Is There a Group Limit for the Disability Pass?

This pass is valid for up to 6 people and can be picked up at Guest Services.

My husband did not feel comfortable using the Hero Pass and chose to wait in the long lines. On two occasions he waited over two hours and still was unable to board the most popular rides. Consequently, visiting the park for one day we did not get a chance to get on all of the rides or see all of the attractions before the park closed.

My Recommendation

I guess this post all boils down to one question. Do I recommend families with children with a non-visible disability to get a Hero Pass? Yes, the Hero Pass is important. In fact, other people and even workers may not fully understand why you need to use the pass. However, for the sake of safety and good health, use the pass if you need to. Honestly, we would have enjoyed LEGOLAND much more, if our group of 6 had used the Hero Pass together.

What do to do when it’s too hot outside

To avoid having my daughter overheat. In between rides, we visited indoor exhibits or rides to help her endure the weather. Alternating outdoor and indoor activities was helpful. Here are a few rides that are indoors: LEGO® NINJAGO® The Ride, Lost Kingdom Adventure, and the Lego City Deep Sea Adventure ride.

Frankly, my children flew 5.5 hours across the county to go to LEGOLAND California. It was the highlight of our vacation. In hindsight, discuss the Pass with your partner or family before you visit the amusement park. I’m definitely a parent that is grateful that the pass exists.

Do not feel ashamed about needing to use the pass. If it is your child has a disability, then you don’t want him or her to feel uncomfortable about their health ailments. Therefore, use the Pass to help your child have a normal park adventure.

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