Fun Things To Do With Kids: LEGOLAND Discovery Center in PA

At the beginning of the school year, my daughters put Legoland on their vision boards as one of the places they wanted visit. At the time, I only knew of Legoland theme parks in CA, FL, and the legoland Discovery Center and Water Park in MA. Within recently years, Lego has expanded their brand to include more than just toys, videos, apps, clothing, etc. In fact, they are started to open discovery centers that give families an opportunity for kids to play, learn, and build as much as they desire in an interactive setting.

To reward my daughters for having a great homeschool year we recently visited the LEGOLAND Discovery Center in Plymouth Meeting, Pennsylvania and had an amazing time.

Before going we read the reviews online and they were mixed. So we want to set the record straight and describe what a Discovery Center is versus what the theme park is. 

Legoland Discovery Center in Plymouth Meeting, PA

LEGOLAND Discovery Center vs. a LEGOLAND Amusement Park

First, a LEGOLAND Discovery Center is smaller and is often in a mall or other shopping area. The key is that it’s all 100 % indoors. There is even a gift shop where you can buy Lego brick sets, and everything inside is Lego themed. However, a LEGOLAND Amusement Park is just as its name suggests a large outdoor theme park that is bricktacular. 

Fun Things To Do With Kids at the LEGOLAND Discovery Center

Next, there is tons of things to do, but it’s more of a playground and not an 

  1. Primarily for children 3-10 years old.
  2. There are activities such as 4D original Lego movies
  3. Brick building classes
  4. Lego Friends building area
  5. A build challenge circle
  6. There is also a Virtual video game train ride called the Imagination express – Here you become a part of a virtual reality game can zap things on the screens as you ride through.
  7. Watch Lego movies (now the films are in 4D). Side note: If you’re particular about your hair put on a cap for this part. I’m not going to spoil the special features, but just trust me on this one.
  8. A Lego NINJAGO Training camp (which is a laser maze)
  9. There is a mainland, which is the downtown city of Philadelphia.
  10. Pirate Adventure Island is a jungle gym that lets kids climb and play

Address: 500 W Germantown Pike, Plymouth Meeting, PA 19462

Legoland in PA Discovery Center Hours

Deals for LEGOLAND Discovery Center

The tickets are timed tickets, which you’re encouraged to follow the time slot, but they aren’t strict about the time. Walk-ins are accepted into the center as well, but the price is a little cheaper online.

How to get deals for Legoland

Currently, here are some places where you can get deals for LEGOLAND

  1. Their Free Lego club magazine. There are general buy one adult ticket and one child enters free.
  2. Honest Kids has a discount code. Purchase through this secure lego site to receive the discount.
  3. Check Groupon and Living Social. Here is a Groupon affiliate link for the Legoland amusement park in California.
  4. Homeschool with a party of 10 people or more can call ahead and receive deep discounts and class times. Homeschool Group Discounts

Overall, the children I took with us all love Lego bricks and were between the ages of 3 and 12 years old. All were extremely happy and had a great so it was definitely worth a visit.

Legoland homeschool class

Reader Question

Have you ever been to a Lego theme park or a Legoland Discovery Center? Is not, what’s your favorite amusement park?

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