8 Mistakes Not to Make When Traveling With Children

These 8 Traveling Mistakes May Shock you

The first time I flew on an airplane with my children they were about a year old. Dad and I were way over prepared and we packed too many items because of our safety concerns. We quickly learned because of all the time it took for us to get through the check points that we needed to be safe when traveling with children, but think smarter about our travel. From our research we learned a lot of information that will hopefully be helpful to you.

Traveling with children can be a lot of fun, whether on a plane or in a car, but it is also a huge responsibility that parents and guardians should never take for granted. There are many mistakes that are made by parents and other loved ones every single day. You definitely do not want to have to talk to a car accident attorney Springfield specialist or deal with doctors. Because of this, always remember the following huge mistakes not to make when traveling with children.

1. Sitting Children On The Lap Of A Passenger

If you think that you can hold your child with just your hands when you travel by car, you make a huge mistake. Even a really small baby can end up wrenched out of your protective arms during a collision. A child should be properly protected in a car.

2. Buckling Up With The Child

Many parents think that when they fasten the seat belt and they also cover the child, they are safe. This is incorrect. We are actually looking at a heavier body that can crush a lighter body. At the same time, the seat belt will most likely not rest in the best possible position.

3. Improper Tightening Of The Harness

You need to always check and make sure that the harness is as tight as it should be.

4. Putting The Baby In A Carry Cot

Placing the baby in the carry cot and then putting that on a rear seat is not at all safe. Never do this because if there is a frontal collision, it is almost sure that the baby is going to be lifted out, with a forward movement happening.

8 Mistakes Not to Make When Traveling With Children

5. Not Using Child Restraint Systems

Remember that even if the accident happens at a slow speed, death can be the outcome.

6. Having Front Airbags Activated

This might seem a little counterintuitive but the infant carriers should never be placed on a seat in the event that the airbag is activated. In the unwanted event that an accident happens, a serious injury or death can appear. Passenger seats should only be an option for the infant carrier in the event that you deactivated the airbag.

7. Installing The Carrier Forward-Facing

When you have the infant carrier installed like this, fatal consequences can appear. If there is a frontal collision, the neck of the child can end up being broken. This is because a child’s head is too heavy when compared to the rest. Infant carriers are designed for a rear-facing installation. Never make the mistakes of installing them forward-facing.

8. Traveling with children With Improper Seat Handling

You should never tamper the child’s seat like changing parts yourself or sewing. If this happens, the safety of the child is not guaranteed. If there are parts that are missing, fatal consequences can appear. Even a missing screw is enough for the child’s seat to just break up when impact happens.

Always be sure that you never make the mistakes that are mentioned above. You do not want to put the safety of your child at risk.

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