Running Shoe Finder Quiz

Running Shoe Finder Quiz

Choosing the right athletic footwear can be a difficult task for runners. Why? Runners don’t just buy any sneaker at an Asics sales event or big box store bin. They have to choose a shoe that fits right, that provides needed comfort and support. Runners need shoes that protect their foot from the terrain but also give their feet much needed cushion and comfort. Take our running shoe finder quiz to find the right shoe for you!


  1. Do You Have a Need for Speed?

Most runners want a shoe that is light and designed for speed. How should athletic shoes fit? Snug and cushioned, but maybe with a more minimalist design. The Dynaflyte 2, one of the newer innovations from Asics, has plenty of cushion but a sleek minimal design. Maintaining as much stability as other sneakers, but with less weight, the Dynaflyte 2 gives you the flexibility you need for long distance running.


  1. Do You Need a Comfort Fit?

Maybe you prefer extra comfort but the latest in running design. Do you need extra padding to protect your feet? Then the Gel-Nimbus will provide you with the protection you need. The flagship shoe has a breathable mesh that keeps your feet cool. These are heavier sneakers because of the additional padding. These shoes have a roomier, comfy feel.


  1. Are You Broke?

Bargain basement buyers are always looking for a good deal. You can’t go too cheap for shoes. Cheap shoes with too-good-too-be-true prices often fall apart with regular wear and tear. They can also lead to long-term irreversible damage to your foot, back, and knees. Instead, opt for an affordable high-quality sneaker like the Roadhawk FF. The Roadhawk FF is an excellent affordable choice for beginners and those who have a tighter budget. It’s a lean, exquisitely designed shoe meant for speed. The FF stands for “FlyteFoam”, which provides you with additional support underfoot. You can’t beat the Roadhawk for great running!


  1. Do You Run Trails?

Do you eschew pavement and the gym for the glory of the outdoors? Do you enjoy trekking over mud, rock, and natural terrain? Then you need a durable high-mileage sneaker that is meant for long-distance trails. The GT 2000 is the ideal off-roading running shoe. With extra protection and bounce, and high abrasion rubber, the GT 2000 will let you run kilometer after kilometer without worry.


  1. Are You a Triathlete?

Triathletes need a durable waterproof shoe. Multi-sport exercise, like swimming, running, and biking requires special athletic footwear designed for multiple sports. The go-to sneaker for this year is the Asics Noosa FF 2. There is a special mesh upper for sockless wear. The additional grip adds protection in wet conditions. Need to take your shoes off in a flash? The tongue of the Noosa has a special grip to allow you to take the shoes off quickly during a race. Asics uses the latest in sneaker technology to provide your foot with the additional protection it needs no matter the event.

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