Meet the Newport Beach Captain

Homeschool field trip - Learning about Ocean Wildlife from the Boat's Captain

Before going whale watching I imagined that the Captain would be an older gentleman who was in love with the thought of just being on the water. I figured you really have to love the ocean to take tourists on daily rides to see unsuspecting wildlife living in the water. Well, as it turns out, our captain definitely loves being out on the ocean, but he isn’t seasoned at all. Actually, he was young and great to chat with. Nearing the end of our boat ride, he spoke to me about whale watching, boating, Newport beach, and being a captain please check out our conversation above.

Homeschool field trip - Learning about Ocean Wildlife from the Boat's Captain

Here are a few highlights from our conversation with a Newport Beach Captain

A huge thank you to Sterling, Captain of the Newport Legacy for taking time to share information with us about the ocean, animals, and his craft.

  1. No preparation needed to go whale-watching.
  2. Sea lions like to warm up their blood outside of the water.
  3. Dolphin pods range from about 100 to 2,000.
  4. Dolphins use teamwork to catch their food. For instance, they drive fish to the surface of the water and then the fish attract birds like pelicans.
  5. Newport Harbor is one of the largest spaces for private boating areas in the country. There are about 13,000 private boats and about 50-60 commercial boats in the Newport area.
  6. Anyone who is interested in becoming a captain needs to get out on the water, and start documenting and accumulating time.


Our experience was awesome. Davey’s Locker made it easy to book and pay for the trip.

Departure Locations:
Davey‘s Locker                            Newport Landing
400 Main St.                               309 Palm St, Suite A
Newport Beach, CA 92661           Newport Beach, CA 92661

Davey‘s Locker Sport Fishing & Whale Watching
(949) 673-1434

Even though we didn’t see any whales the ride and seeing the sea lions on the buoy and dolphins swimming beside the boat was still great. To learn more about our trip also, check out my post about Whale Watching and the next time you’re near Los Angeles, California, book a trip with them.

Here is a word search in the shape of a boat for you to enjoy

(click here for the pdf printable version, this word search was inspired by my conversation with the Newport Beach Captain)

More pictures from the Dolphin Cruise

2 dolphins newport legacy ride
Image taken by Kristin Campbell
One dolphin in the water
Image taken by Kristin Campbell
Sea lions near the pacific ocean
Image taken by Kristin Campbell
Water on top of a dolphin
Image taken by Kristin Campbell

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Reader Question:

Did you learn anything new from this post? If not, what’s one cool dolphin fact that you’d like to share?

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