5 Favorite Family Time Ideas

Below are a few activities that my husband, girls, and I like to do together.  Family is a big part of our everyday lives and we love spending time together.  Here are 5 of our favorite family time ideas.  Please comment and let me know what you and your family enjoy doing together.

1.  We love to read together. My husband and I read to each other. We read to our girls and we read alone while in the same room.  My favorite though, is finding a nice long book that is appropriate and interesting to all of us and taking turns reading it together.

2.  We play together at the park. Before our girls we enjoyed games of tennis and basketball.  Now we slide and swing and will participate in other sports together once they are older like frisbee.

3.  We play games or do puzzles. Nothing beats completing a puzzle together.  We are goal oriented so we enjoy the instant results.

4.  We look forward to eating meals together. Partaking of different types of food and cooking together, which helps bring us closer together.  We even find jobs for the little hands.

5. We have a lot of fun during movie night or going somewhere to explore. Saturday night, we either relax together and watch a movie or go somewhere to enjoy something new.

Don’t forget to share your ideas.

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