10 Places to Enjoy Nature Near Silver Spring, MD

10 Places to Enjoy Nature Near Silver Spring, MD

Are you a parent, grandparent, auntie, uncle, or educator in the Washington, DC, Maryland, or Virginia areas? If so, I wanted to share with you my favorite kid-friendly places to travel to in this metropolitan area. I also wanted to let you know how you can score the best deals to these places when you’re planning your visit.

First, Enjoy Nature  at The Patuxent Wildlife Visitor Center

Cost is Free, but donations are gladly accepted

This is one of my favorite places to experience a nature adventure with my family. The grounds are well kept and very peaceful. There are two lakes: Cash Lake and Lake Reddington. The visitor center also provides free nature classes. Visit their website for the details: https://www.fws.gov/refuge/Patuxent/

Nature Places to visit - Patuxent Visitor Center -1

Nature Places to visit Patuxent Wildlife Center

Nature Places to visit - Cash Lake

Second, Enjoy Nature while Kayaking at Lake Needwood in Redland, MD

Cost to rent a kayak $14

Address: Lake Needwood Redland, MD 20855

When we went kayaking it was one of the most relaxing times we’ve every had together. You just listen to the wind, watch the clouds, smell the fresh air and row.

Nature Places to visit - Lake Needwood

Nature Places to visit - Lake Needwood


Third, Enjoy Nature while walking through Brookside Gardens in Wheaton

Cost is Free, just to enter the gardens, but special exhibits cost such as their butterfly exhibit or light show

Address: Visitors Center, 1800 Glenallan Ave, Wheaton, MD 20902

Seeing all of the flowers and fountains reminds me of walking through a living art gallery.

Nature Places to visit - Brookside Gardens

Fourth, Enjoy Nature Visiting the Historic Savage Mill Trail in Savage MD

Cost is Free

Address: Savage Mill Trail, Savage, MD 20763

Knowing about the rich history of the Savage Mill and walking among the ruins is always enlightening.

Nature Places to visit - Savage Mill


Fifth, Buddy Attick Park Nature Trails in Greenbelt, MD

Cost is Free

Address: 555 Crescent Rd, Greenbelt, MD 20770-1670

When I first visited Buddy Attick Park I loved that I could see beaver dams, and trees that were visibly gnawed by them. I felt like it was a real natural space that where humans and animals could co-exist peacefully together. In recent years, the beavers appear to be gone, so the lake was not as lively.

Nature Places to visit - Buddy Attick-1

Nature Places to visit - Buddy Attick Park In MD

Sixth, Little Paint Branch Trail in Beltsville, MD

Cost is Free

The Little Paint Branch Trail connects with the Beltsville Community Center. One cool aspect of the trail is that there is permanent exercise equipment there.


Nature Places to visit - Little Paint Branch Trail-1

Seventh, Anacostia Stream Valley Trail in College Park, MD

Cost is Free

Address: 5240 Paint Branch Parkway  College Park, MD 20740

We usually bike as a family along the Anacostia Stream Valley Trail.

Eighth, Lake Artemesia in Greenbelt, MD

Cost is Free

This space is incredible for families. It’s the perfect location to back a picnic and enjoy nature and scenic views. Please not that there are paved trails so it’s a bike friendly space as well.


Nature Places to visit - Lake Artemesia


Ninth, Brighton Dam in

Cost is Free

In the Spring Visit the Brighton Dam Azaleas Garden. The garden is about 5 acres and beautiful for all ages to behold. The Recreation park has a playground for kids

Nature Places to visit - Brighton Dam in Maryland

Tenth, Burnt Mills Trail in Silver Spring, MD

Cost is Free

Address: 10701 Columbia Pike, Silver Spring, MD 20901

As a homeschool family one of our favorite activities is exploring the state we live in. The best part about each of the places I listed is that while hiking or walking along trails in the area you can see native wildlife species. You can also visit as often as you’d like and you don’t have to worry about parking.

Nature Places to visit - Burnt Mills

Reader Question

Are you a Maryland or DC resident that enjoys outdoor spaces? If so, in the comment section tell me your favorite trails in the area. If you’re outside of this area, where are some of the most beautiful natural places that you’ve been that you think other people should know about? I look forward to hearing from you.

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