5 Ways Your Business Can Give Back

Campaign from the Office

Every business likes to make money and be a success, but it’s also good to give something back to the people who got you there – your customer base – and to do something for the local community that will increase your standing and promote your business in a positive light.

Here are five superb ways that your business can focus on giving something back to the community and its loyal customer base and bring nothing but good karma your way.

Businesses can give back in the following ways

Run a charity event is one way businesses can give back

Run a Charity Event

Nothing works better in building your company’s reputation as one that cares than running a charity event, and there are thousands of great causes for you to engage with. There might be a local charity that could use your help, or a cause that is close to your heart could be the one that benefits from your kindness. Whatever you choose to do, make sure that you put everything into it, and raise as much money as you possibly can.

Campaign from the Office

Run a Fundraising Campaign from the Office

Fundraising campaigns are incredibly popular with businesses and can raise a lot of money for great causes. You could even get the whole office involved and do a mass campaign, a popular way of team bonding as well as giving something back. A 10k run, an assault course or a wilderness challenge could be a good bet, but anything that helps to raise funds for the cause of your choice is going to be a huge help.

Your business can donate servces to give backDonate Goods and Services

Money is always a good way to give, but there are many other ways to give to those in need. Your business could donate goods and services to schools, colleges, and charities, or take on apprentices and work experience placements from them. When you upgrade your office computers, you could also consider giving them to one of these facilities, depending on whether or not your business could afford to give them away. These acts of kindness can only help to grow your company’s reputation in the local community.

Create Discount Coupons

The only thing customers appreciate more than a freebie is a discount, and you can provide your customers with awesome discounts and offers via discount coupons, delivered in a number of ways. For example, you can send your email subscribers a coupon for every major holiday and big events during the year – Christmas, Father or Mother’s Day, Valentine’s, etc. – and use a different coupon design for each one. This way, you promote your business in a smart way that encourages brand loyalty and give something back to your customers for that loyalty.

Website giveaways is one way to give back

Give Something Away for Free on Your Website

Many businesses will give away something for free if a customer subscribes to a newsletter or purchases some goods for the first time. It’s a great marketing tactic that instantly puts you in the customer’s good books, and one you should definitely consider. It doesn’t have to be anything too grand. It could be an eBook, which would be popular with marketing companies, or a small taster if you are a health food brand, even a free consultation for personal trainers and massage therapists. Whatever your business, embrace the power of free to give something back to your customers.


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Ways Your Business Can Give Back



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