Can Moms Do It All?

Recently, there has been a lot of air time given to mothers who seemingly are able to do it all. I however am stunned when I hear mothers say they work 60 hours per week, raise their children, spend time with their husbands, volunteer, take care of home, and blog 10 posts per week as …

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Super #Mom

Without a second thought, a 29 year old mother of five comes to mind.  Her children are at the center of her heart.  Her love and devotion to them is infinite.  She knows how to cure a cough, sooth a tummy ache, restore courage, calm the frightened, crown a princess, instate a knight, and make …

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What Would You Do?

Wow! It is really hard to say what I would do, if one of my girls came home with three out four of her ponytails cut.  I think that I would immediately feel disappointed and then I would trim it all evenly.  I am sure the hair would grow back, and like my grandmother would …

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Mommy Got Back?

Recently, while watching Oprah I heard Christina Aguilera say that having a baby has made her feel sexier.  “Wow!” I thought.  How many women would agree?  After the birth of my twins, unfortunately I do not concur. Oh, I wish I could, but my body is just not the same.  There are many things beautiful about the …

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