4 Small Business Owners Who Sell Great Gifts

Are you looking for a gift that is unique? Do you also want to help a small business owner?

Today I’m sharing some of my favorite gifts that I’ve enjoyed.

Each of the stores below are owned by a phenomenal female  business owner I respect and admire. The business owners below all use to have different professions, but saw a need in their communities for the products they created. They are passionate and resourceful and it’s an honor to be able to watch their businesses shine.

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1st Small Business Essential Joy Naturals

First, this online store started from the passion and drive of a former teacher. Joy, the owner provides natural hair and skin care products. What’s unique is that all the products are handmade and are natural without any harmful chemicals. My favorite product is the Charcoal Pumice Salt Bars, which is unscented soap but it helps detoxify the skin from harsh chemicals. After use, I feel clean and rejuvenated. 

  • Nourishing Shampoo
  • Herbal Shampoo
  • Revive Shampoo
  • Coconut Hair and Body Oil
  • Herbal Hair Oil
  • The follow three products can also be purchased as a gift set Baby Balm
  • Baby Coconut Oil
  • Baby Shampoo and Body Wash
  • Herbal Hair Butter
  • Beard Butter Handcrafted Soap

Please visit the Essential Joy Naturals website and follow on:


and Instagram

2nd Small Business Frank and Herbs

Next, Frank and Herbs is a brand new online store that specializes in handmade self-care items such as herbal salves, balms, lotion bars, scrubs, and lip balms. Everything is GMO FREE and handmade. The owner is a homeschool mom who wanted products that were safe for families to use on their loved-ones skin. I have two favorite products from the sho,p, their bath balms, and lip balms. The bath balms smell great, but also leave you feeling moisturized when you’re done with your bath. Another favorite is the lip balm, which rolls on smooth and lasts for a long time. 

Please visit the Frank and Herbs website and follow on:


and Instagram




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Currently, Frank and Herbs is running an Instagram Giveaway until May 13 at 11:59, please be sure to enter.

3rd Small Business Jet Set Fabulous  

Thirdly, Jet Set Fabulous, Is a new online store that has some of the cutest bags and items for your travels. Jet Set Fabulous sells make up bags, passport covers, with trendy catch phrases. and travel wristlets. When I saw the passport covers, I just new I had to order them because they were perfect and sassy. I also love my makeup bag because it keeps my dainty items from not being exposed in my purse and I stay organized.

Please visit the website and follow on:


and Instagram


4th Small Business Ven and Rose

Finally, last but not least, I love Ven and Rose because it is 100% inspiring. When I wear my Kindness is Beautiful shirt I feel like I can take on the world. The t-shirt is well made and I’ve had it for a couple of years and it still looks great even after being washed lots of times. It is hands down one of the 

In addition to apparel you can also buy faith-based lifestyle mugs, journals, totes, and other items.

Please visit the website and follow on:


and Instagram

Moreover, please remember to visit their sites for a current coupon code. When shopping for gifts for your family members and friends, please give these businesses some love by purchasing their products.

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Reader Participation

Name a small business owner and share their link that sells great gifts. Or tell me which product above would you most like to gift to someone else and why?

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