Recently, while watching Oprah I heard Christina Aguilera say that having a baby has made her feel sexier.  “Wow!” I thought.  How many women would agree?  After the birth of my twins, unfortunately I do not concur. Oh, I wish I could, but my body is just not the same.  There are many things beautiful about the woman I am as a mother, but when looking in the mirror I choose to visualize my former self.

While on one hand, I have gained many characteristics that I cherish: emotionally, I am more patient with others; and, I have a greater sense of empathy. I no longer wonder what true love in its purest form feels like. Spiritually, I now know real compassion, which provides me with deeper insight into God’s love for us.  For him to give us his son was selfless and the ultimate sacrifice. However as a mother of daughters, physically I need to gain self love in that area as well.

Regardless of my stretch marks, wrinkled raison stomach, and areas that have been hit by gravity. I have to find beauty that is confident, steadfast, and lovable.  My daughters need it, my husband expects it, and my life depends on it.

So all of you mothers out there, embrace what Christina is saying and get your sexy back.  This Mother’s Day, love all areas of yourself because we are all a work in progress, and before someone notices your great characteristics they will see your confidence, your swagger, and your attitude. Forget about the areas that physically have changed and get back to being beautifully you!