5 Ways to Make Sure Your Homeschool Day Is Productive

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Homeschool Day Is Productive_ raising entrepreneurs

Looking back at the end of the day and realizing you have not been as productive as you would like can be disappointing and discouraging.  When people think of homeschool parents they envision a super mom, juggling tons of school papers along with household chores. I agree, we can fulfill that role of trying to balance home and school,  but more than serial multi-taskers, we are the moms and dads training our little explorers to go where their hearts lead them and learn the why behind everything they can. Our capes are sometimes bathrobes and our crowns are sometimes headscarves, but we are training the next generation to be thinkers, innovators, and creators, so we have to be practical. I would like to share a few things I have found beneficial to help keep our school days productive and fun at the same time.

Homeschool Day Productivity Guide

1.) Develop a routine

The ultimate key to being a productive homeschooler is developing a routine that your kids will be able to follow without too much guidance. Both kids and adults feel more comfortable with routines and a regular structure we can depend on. Developing a structure of consistent habits that your family follows can lessen headaches later. In fact, having a morning routine has really helped us stay on task throughout the week.

Included below is a checklist that kids/parents can use to keep track of productivity throughout the day.

Homeschool Productivity Checklist

2.) Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

The first thing I do to get my homeschooling kids ready for the day is to give them a hearty breakfast. Lately, I’ve been letting them cook or prepare their own breakfast, whether it’s a protein rich smoothie, grits and scrabbled tofu, or pancakes, they like taking on the responsibility. I stand back and watch (sometimes I do step in to prevent accidents), but overall I try to make sure that I’m available if they have any questions.

We also start with positivity, devotion, memory verses, quotes, and affirmations. Next they have reading time. Then my daughters are given work they can complete on their own. Later on in the day, I teach new lessons.

One thing that I’d highly recommend parents who are interested in homeschooling is to have a board that you can use to write down information you want your kids to grasp. Of course, a board is more important if you have more than one child.

Tofu and Spinach Stir-fry #vegetarian #vegan

3.) Post-it’s Dry Erase Surface

One of the boards I like using is the 3M‘s Post-it Dry Erase Surface board. The board is super sticky and easily peels and sticks to the wall. It also comes with a cleaning cloth for wiping, and will turn any of your walls into a formal workspace for your students. The price is cost effective and you can decorate the 3ft by 2ft board with a paper or a wood boarder. My only complaint is that I wish the post-it board’s adhesive backing was reusable so you could transfer it to different areas as needed. The board can be purchased directly from Shoplet.com.

4.) Have a plan

Before the week begins decide which activities are the most important for you to accomplish. Create a list of objectives. Order your objectives by priority. If there is a new concept that you want your child to grasp. Come up with the activities and materials need for you to best present the information.

5.) Focus on concepts not necessary completion

The most important rule is to teach your kid how to think, find information, apply new concepts and comprehend. When you know what your overall goal is you will no longer feel chained to consider you main accomplishment as completed text books. While I believe completion is great, some classes may take longer and when you homeschool you can work well into the summer if you need to. Take course work at a pace that is conducive to your child’s learning needs. Also, don’t be afraid to review older material when you are uncertain if your child is able to advance to a new concept.

5 Ways to Make Sure Your Homeschool Day Is Productive_ raising gardeners



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