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5 Reasons to visit the American Visionary Art Museum

One of the advantages of being a homeschool family is that we are able to visit museums on a whim. For years I drove by the American Visionary Art Museum without knowing what treasures were inside. As a matter of fact, the museum always piqued my curiosity because the outside of the building is made up of a color storm of artistic expression. For instance, there is a cool sculpture that glistens as light reflects on the glass-like materials that adorn the walls. Just driving by potential visitors see the whimsical recycled art as an invitation to see more unusual artistry on the inside.

In our family we love art because it is fascinating and the Visionary Museum is one of the best tangible expressions of self-made artists I’ve ever seen. For me art lives outside of reality to provide a sense of wonder, mystery, hope, fear, brilliance, intelligence and more. “The American Visionary Art Museum is the official national museum for self-taught intuitive artistry. For me and my daughters, it was the tangible expression of passion and devotion.

5 Different Types of Artistic Expression You’ll See at the Visionary Art Museum

1. Quotes That Inspire

First and foremost, the Visionary Art Museum is inspirational. The winding staircase is parallel to plaques of quotes that make you think as you ascend or descend.

2. Raw Art

All of the artwork in the museum come from artists who were self-taught. In addition, much of the work on display uses regular household items that can be found in a person’s home and are molded into sculptures or mosaics.

3. Perplexing Sculptures

The stegosaur stopped us in our tracks. We were intrigued by the materials used to create the dinosaur replica. My daughter turned and said to me, “Mom look, we shouldn’t throw so many things away, look what we can create.”

4. Images That Evoke Emotion

The museum has one display that was eerie to me. I stood back and tried to overlook it, but while on one hand I loathed the images, although I was completely drawn to the display. The small scary skulls hang on the wall like prized trophy deer heads. The bold skull-head replicas are made to send a clear message, which is those who are now missing were once real people. The message and images are of loss and pain from not knowing what happened to missing people around the US. They are gone but are not forgotten by those they’ve left.

5. Reminders of the Past

One of my favorite exhibits was the PEZ collection. When I saw it, I immediately felt like a kid again. Growing up near a corner store during the 1980s, I have fond memories of getting PEZ candy and tearing open the foil wrappers and placing them in a snoopy or other creative PEZ dispensers. I also remember getting one for Valentines day or as a treat when my mom would go to WoolWorth. The sense of nostalgia made me giddy as I turned to my children to reminisce about my childhood. I

If you’re ever in the area, and I hope you are soon, please stop by and visit the Visionary Art Museum In Baltimore, MD. You are sure to be astounded by a sense of amazement and wonder from the talented artist whose pieces of artwork are on display.

Visit The American Visionary Art Museum

More about the Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD

The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore, MD (AVAM) is a 501(c)3 non-profit museum that was founded by Rebecca Alban Hoffberge (then Puharich). It took a little more than 10 years for Rebecca’s idea to come to fruition. In 1989, Architects Rebecca Swanston, AIA and Alex Castro collaborated together on the museum’s design. The fundraising process took many supporters. Then in 1995, LeRoy Hoffberger (expressionist art collector/philanthropist) sold his personal Expressionist Art collection to help provide the final monies needed to complete the overall project. Amazingly, the building continues to evolve after its doors first opened in 1995 and has a rich legacy in working with Baltimoreans in the community.

The American Visionary Art Museum in Baltimore MD
Courtesy of The American Visionary Art Museum

Next time you’re in Baltimore, please stop by and visit the museum.

Location: American Visionary Art Museum (

800 Key Highway

Baltimore, Maryland 21230

Sometimes they have fun activities for kids and adults. Be sure to check out their latest Programs and Events Calendar

This museum does cost, but I highly recommend supporting the arts and being apart of helping to raise awareness about the beauty and naturalness of art expression.

Admission Rates 

  • Adult: $15.95
  • Senior (60 and up): $13.95
  • Student/Child: $9.95
  • Children 6 and under: FREE!
  • Members: FREE! (just show us your Fan Club Card)

Make a tax deductible donation to the museum via AVAM Support


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